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The Bat is a steel boomerang roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.


The Bat's train was originally one of three from Dragon Fire, another of the park's roller coasters. This is because this coaster only ever used two of its trains, so the third was moved to The Bat. During the 2008 season The Bat's supports were painted orange.[1]

Ride experience

First, the train of The Bat is pulled up backwards to the top of the lift hill which is over 115 ft tall. After that, the train is released, running forward through the station area in about a second. The ride goes on a cobra roll after it runs past the station, which turns the cars of the train around. The riders are heading in the opposite direction to which they first started. The Bat's passengers go through a loop after that and then head up another lift hill just as tall as the first one was. The train is pulled up normally on this lift hill and is released. The train goes through the same track again then but this time it goes through it backwards.

The Bat is one of the roller coasters at Wonderland that requires significant wait time relative to other coasters when it is busy, due to the Boomerang-nature of the coaster allowing only one train on the track at a time.


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