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In the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, wormspawn are a broad category of monsters created by Kyuss.

Wormspawn figured prominently in the Age of Worms adventure path in Dungeon magazine.

Physical description

Most wormspawn have a wormlike appearance or are crawling with green worms.

Types of Wormspawn

Avolakia: Aberrations who dine on undead flesh.

Broodfiend: An almost headless, grotesque mix of worm, lizard, bat, and ape.

Earthcancer Centipede: Kyuss's attempt to generate undead useful in sieges.

Eviscerator Beetle: One variety of undead vermin known as the Hounds of Kyuss.

Kyuss Knight: The former generals of Kyuss' armies.

Kyuss Spawnling: Designed to infiltrate lizardfolk society.

Mastiff of Kyuss: Plague-spreading hunters and harbingers of the demigod of worms.

Mindkiller Scorpion: Has a knack for seeking out and focusing its attacks on the most intelligent living foe in the area.

Overworm: Gargantuan Kyuss worms.

Spawn of Kyuss: The footsoldiers of the Wormgod's legions.

Sword of Kyuss: The elite shock troops of the Wormgod's legions.

Ulgurstasta: A massive, pale yellow maggot.

Worm Naga: Kyuss's most promising spellcasters fused with worms.

Worm that Walks: Evil arcane spellcasters whose will and personality live on in the worms that devoured the corpse.

Wormcaller: The lesser priests who helped Kyuss ascend, rewarded with undeath.

Wormdrake: A fusion of dragon and overworm, combining the worst and most ferocious features of both.

Wormswarm: Thousands of Kyuss worms banded together.

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