Yakup Avşar

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Original short description: "Iranian-Turkish surgeon"

Yakup Avşar
[[File:Yakup Avşar.jpg|frameless|alt=]]
Yakup Avşar (2019)
Born Template:Birth year and age
Tabriz, Iran
Nationality IranianTemplate:· Turkish
Alma mater Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Trakya University Faculty of Medicine
Occupation Aesthetic plastic surgent

Yakup Avşar (born 1969) is an Iranian-Turkish aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Early years and education

As a Turkish descent, Avşar was born in Tabriz, Iran in 1969.[1][2] He graduated from Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in 1996. His doctorate thesis was about "skin grafts and flap surgery".[1] While he was working on dermatology in Tabriz, he created a medical terminology dictionary with about 40,000 entries.[2] After a while he moved to Turkey and received his speciality from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine with his thesis about "configuration of three dimentional cartilage autografts and detection interperichondrial implantation supremacy" in 2003.[1][2]


After working as a aestetic plastic surgent between 2004-2005 in JFK Hospital located in Bahçelievler, Istanbul, Avşar established the Avşar Aesthetic Clinic in Beşiktaş in 2006.[3] He invented a tecnique called "micro-rhinoplasty", a rhinoplasty technique by using micro surgical instruments that he developed.[2][4] Mass production of these instruments were started to be produced by Bien-Air.[2]

He received robotic surgery education in France in 2009, and in 2015, he developed a technique that shows 3D printed simulations of before and after of an aestetic surgery.[1][5][6]

Personal life and other activities

Yakup Avşar is married with Dilek Avşar who also is a surgeon.[7] The copule has a daughter named Naz.[8] Avşar also designes jewelry under Janadi name brand.[7]


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