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The "Compassion Movement" is a term coined by author and animal advocate Jennifer Skiff. Skiff describes the Compassion Movement as “the collective quest to alleviate suffering for all forms of life.”

In her book, Rescuing Ladybugs, Skiff states: “There’s an honorable war being fought in our world for animals. In it, the good are going after the evil, the generous are taking aim at the greedy, and the kind are blanketing the cruel. I refer to it as the compassion movement because it’s fueled by a desire to alleviate suffering.”Template:Sfn

In the book, Skiff argues that, “acting compassionately creates happiness in our own life.” and that in 2018 “there are more laws and corporate policies protecting farm animals than ever before, and more consumers are leaving animals off their plates and eating plant-based meals instead.Template:Sfn This colossal shift is due to Josh Balk and other leaders in the compassion movement who confront cruelty head-on, using common sense and innovation.” Template:Sfn In the book, Skiff says “There are many leaders in the compassion movement — too many to profile in one book. These are the people we admire for their ability to see the roots of problems and develop effective strategies for fixing them, as well as for their courage to combat greed when it inevitably clashes with compassion. They are the visionaries, pacesetters, and analytical thinkers whose unexpected connections with animals are driving sweeping change throughout the world.”Template:Sfn

Skiff notes Jill Robinson, co-founder of Animals Asia as “leading the compassion movement on the largest continent on earth – Asia.”Template:Sfn



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