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Musical artist

Alexzander Reynolds (born March 23, 1994) better known by his stage name AlexZander (Stylized as) (A)lex(Z)ander is an American Hip-Hop Artist, Neo Soul Falsetto Singer, Songwriter, Spoken Word Poet from Detroit, Michigan. In the Fall of 2016 (A)lex(Z)ander released his singles Freak, I Want You, Zoooool Zonight, from his forthcoming project "The Shepard Of Leopard" These singles where critical acclaimed by the Detroit Metro Times [1] and many other credible publications.

Early life

Alexzander Reynolds was born on March 23, 1994 to Tiffany & Charles Reynolds. His life journey began on the Eastside of Detroit, Michigan. Due to the conditions of the community in which he was raised (A)lex(Z)ander spent his formable years in private schooling. While in school he was exposed to multiple cultures, which influence the eclectic styles that are frequent in his artistry. (A)lex(Z)ander's childhood was written in solitude due to him being an only child and having strict paternal figures who were not comfortable with the community that he was being raised in. As a release he turned to creativity writing scripts, making games out of flash cards and writing editorials for his schools Journalism program. (A)lex(Z)ander is a decorated writer placing in state wide writing competitions and also receiving the honor of being a member of the "International Quill & Scroll" society. His love for journalism eventually made way for his Spoken Word artistry which gave birth to his modus of expression Hip-Hop. Reynolds grew up listening to Rick James He was also influenced by Pharrell Williams, A Tribe Called Quest Outkast, D'Angelo, Cee Lo Green, Goodie Mob, Jamiroquai, Prince


Beginnings 2014-Current

In August 2015 (A)lex(Z)ander performed for the city of Oak Park at the Summer Splash Festival .His set was DJ'd by Nick Speed. From there (A)lex(Z)ander went to perform on the local Detroit circuit and In March 2016 he performed at Saint Andrews Hall,Detroit for online radio station MMR 103.1.[2] In June 2016 (A)lex(Z)ander was a guest artist at Detroit start up week and was also guest at Walk Fashion Show [3] in Eastern Market in Detroit, Michigan. (A)lex(Z)ander was then recruited to be a Brand Ambassador for FSCL clothing. In November 2016 his single "I Want You" gain notriety and was included in Detroit Metro Times City Slang Editorial. His March 2017 (A)lex(Z)ander performed at the South By South Band$ showcase at SXSW in Austin, TX along side artists Bali Baby, Asian Doll, Connie Diamond and Billie Bands. (A)lex(Z)ander's SXSW performance garnered attention from the press and immediately afterwards his single Freak was acclaimed by Boi1da.com, Thats Enuff and multiple online publications. On April 26 of 2017 In an Interview with PhaShunta Hubert (A)lex(Z)ander announced that he'd be releasing his project "The Shepard Of Leopard" in spring of 2017.[4]

Personal life

(A)lex(Z)ander is a adamant connoisseur of fashion and philanthropy. In October 2017 (A)lex(Z)ander created "The POP showcase Detroit Breast Cancer Awareness Edition" proceeds where giving to the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute On September 24 of 2016 (A)lex(Z)ander participated in the Sink or Swim Flint Benefit festival which was to the benefit to those who afflicted by the Flint Water Crisis.



Zooooool Zonight


I Want You


























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