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Template:Album ratings (MIA): The Complete Anthology is a reissue of nearly everything recorded by Germs from the very first 2-track recordings in 1977 to the last efforts of the classic lineup in 1980, namely six songs done for the film Cruising. Only one song, "Lion's Share", was ever actually released on the soundtrack. This comes close to being the complete Germs studio discography, but it does not include the three studio tracks included on the 1979 Tooth and Nail compilation released on Upsetter Records (which are alternate versions of "Manimal", "Dragon Lady" and "Strange Notes"), the slightly extended version of "Round and Round" and alternate studio version of "Lexicon Devil" which appear on the What We Do Is Secret EP.

Track listing

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Original releases

  • Tracks 1 and 2 are the Forming single, What Records, 1977
  • Tracks 3 through 5 are the Lexicon Devil EP, Slash Records, 1978
  • Tracks 6 through 21 are the (GI) LP, Slash Records, 1979
  • Tracks 22 and 23 are from the What We Do Is Secret EP, Slash Records, 1981
    • Track 22 is from the (GI) recording sessions, 1979
    • Track 23 was recorded in 1977
  • Tracks 24 through 29 are from sessions for the film Cruising, 1979
    • Track 29 was originally released on the Cruising soundtrack, Lorimar/Columbia Records, 1980
  • Track 30 is from the compilation What Is It, What Records, 1982; recorded 1977


  • Chris Ashford – producer
  • Nickey Beat – drums
  • Don Bolles – drums
  • D.J. Bonebrake – drums
  • Don Bonebrake – drums
  • Pat Burnett – engineer
  • Ed Colver – photography
  • Darby Crash – vocals
  • Chris D. – remixing
  • Lorna Doom – bass
  • Glen E. Friedman – photography
  • Geza X – producer
  • John Golden – mastering
  • Elizabeth Hale – design
  • Joan Jett – producer
  • Randy Kaye – project coordinator
  • Jenny Lens – photography
  • Melanie Nissen – photography
  • Jack Nitzsche – producer
  • Donna Rhia – drums
  • Craig Roose – project coordinator
  • Pat Smear – guitar