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Kerri McCaffrey is a transgender teacher living and working in New Jersey. In 2005, Kerri became the first openly transgender teacher to successfully win the fight to stay in the public school classroom in the state of New Jersey. Thirty years earlier, Paula Grossman had fought passionately, too, to keep her teaching job. [1] Mr. Herb McCaffrey became Ms. Kerri McCaffrey in February, 2005. She was not able to come out in public at that point, and so kept her secret to herself as she taught her classes that year. At the end of the 2005 school year, ″Mr.″ McCaffrey was to become known as ″Ms.″ Kerri McCaffrey. There was much controversy in the school district where she worked at the time, as the district sent her for extensive testing and held meetings to discuss her employment situation [2]. However,through it all, Kerri McCaffrey did successfully keep her teaching job and remains a teacher in Mendham Boro, New Jersey, today [3]. In 2008, she won a Teacher of the Year Award from the NJCTS [4].