100 Computing Lessons

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The '100 Computing Lessons' is a series of books released by the Scholastic Corporation. The series of books aims to support teachers with the new National Curriculum for England and Wales.[1] This new Computing curriculum is published by the Department for Education.

In 2012, Michael Gove, the Minister for Education, UK, proposed that Information Communication Technology (ICT) in English schools to be removed from the curriculum and replaced with computing.[2] Michael Gove stated "Disapplying the ICT programme of study is about freedom. It will mean that, for the first time, teachers will be allowed to cover truly innovative, specialist and challenging topics. And whether they choose a premade curriculum, or whether they design their own programme of study specifically for their school, they will have the freedom and flexibility to decide what is best for their pupils. Teachers will now be allowed to focus more sharply on the subjects they think matter - for example, teaching exactly how computers work, studying the basics of programming and coding and encouraging pupils to have a go themselves." The 100 Computing series is a direct response to that change.

The '100 Computing Lessons' series aims to support the teaching of the primary computing lessons to children aged 5 to 11. The series follows the Computing at Schools 'Progression Pathways' [3] resources that describe the progression of students through the new National Curriculum in Computing in 2014.

The series consists of:

100 Computing Lessons: Planning guide ISBN 978-1407128610 Released 3 Mar 2014 [4]

100 Computing Lessons: Years 1 and 2 ISBN 978-1407128566 [5]

100 Computing Lessons: Years 3 and 4 ISBN 978-1407128573 [6]

100 Computing Lessons: Years 5 and 6 ISBN 978-1407128580 [7]

The series covers the essentials of computational thinking for children, including algorithms, programming, esafety, computer networks, the internet, the World Wide Web, social media, bias, decomposition, abstraction and logical problem solving.

The series of books is authored by Zoe Ross and Dr. Steve Bunce.