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Musical artist

10 Cents (sometimes stylized as 10¢) was a short-lived indie music project featuring Shawn Calizo, the then-vocalist of death metal band Von. The group's music has been described as a blend of hip hop and pop music, which the media termed as "hip-pop" and the band called "pop-hop".[1][2]

The band's final recording Buggin' Out, notable for being recorded, produced and mixed by the multi-platinum production team Dust Brothers, received widespread college radio airplay for a short time in 1999.[3]


In the mid-1990s, Shawn "Goat" Calizo, previously the vocalist of the band Von, and then his solo project Von Goat, began to move in a different musical direction than death metal.[4] Two bands, Belinda Deluxe and 10 Cents, were formed around Calizo's newfound ambition.

In 1995, 10 Cents began regularly playing the bars in their hometown of Silverlake, California, the same town multi-platinum production team Dust Brothers were building a recording studio at the time.[5][6] After releasing a 3-song vinyl single in 1995 and full-length album in 1996, the band connected with the Dust Brothers and was soon signed to Hi-Ho Records for US releases and We Love You Records for UK releases. Work began on the group's second album in 1996.[7] Grammy winner Charles Goodan was also involved in the album's production and mixing.[8]

While the album was being completed, Calizo played the role of Sky in the 1998 film Dead Man On Campus.[9]

Buggin' Out was released in 1999. The album's artwork and design was done by bassist Tina Link.[10] Songs from the album received widespread college radio airplay in the summer of 1999.[3] 10 Cents gave outlandishly cheeky interviews[5] and performed at various concerts,[2] including touring with Imperial Teen in Europe,[5] until 2000 when they called it quits.

By 2002, Shawn Calizo had moved on to working with rapper Joe Stylin, producing his album Melodical Era. Tina Link was also involved, again handling the artwork and graphic design.[11]


Studio albums

  • Everybody Wins (1996)
  • Buggin' Out (1999)


  • 10 Cents (1995) (3-song 7" Single)
  • Bubble Bath (2000)
  • Blow It Up Y'all (2000)


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