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1M1 Records is an Australian record label formed in 1988 as oneMone Records, to promote and archive Australian film soundtracks. It was the creation of Australian film music recording producers Philip Powers and James McCarthy, both of whom were previously Director of Music at the Australian government filmmaking organisation, Film Australia.


1M1 Records first film soundtrack release was in 1988, For the Term of His Natural Life (1982),[1] an Australian television miniseries starring actors Anthony Perkins, Colin Friels, Patrick Macnee and Samantha Eggar. The music was composed and conducted by Simon Walker and the CD was produced for release by Philip Powers and Simon Walker.

1M1 Records film soundtrack releases include amongst them the music of Brian May, Bruce Smeaton, Peter Best, Philippe Sarde, Bill Conti, Nigel Westlake, Carl Vine, Mario Millo and The Flying Doctors miniseries soundtrack by Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone.

In 1989 they released two soundtracks, Sky Pirates and Thirst. They also released two classical recordings that year, Music for Pianos, Percussion and Synthesizers (Guy Gross, Philip Powers, Mark Isaacs, Chris Neal and Simon Walker) featuring contemporary classical compositions by five Australian film composers, and Victoria's Missa Surge Propera with the Sydney, Australia, choir of Christchurch St. Laurence.

In recent times they have released the music by Bruce Smeaton for Summerfield and Eliza Fraser, Bill Conti's score for The Coolangatta Gold and the soundtrack of the animated Australian musical which starred Peter Ustinov, Grendel, Grendel, Grendel, also with music by Bruce Smeaton, and lyrics by Alexander Stitt.

Other releases include Australian film soundtracks for The Missing[2] and The Great Macarthy by Bruce Smeaton, Caddie and The Celluloid Heroes (Nigel Westlake). Other Australian soundtracks have been made available through them including Jindabyne, The Book of Revelation, Danny Deckchair, Two Hands, The Wog Boy, Mr. Accident, Strange Bedfellows, Gone, 48 Shades, Clubland, Look Both Ways, Fresh Air, No Worries and Romulus, My Father.

As of 2006 there have been 32 CD releases by 1M1 Records.

The company has access to some of the rarest of all Australian soundtracks, both on CD as well as LP. In March 2007 they added LP soundtracks to their catalogue for films like Starstruck, The Chain Reaction and Emoh Ruo, virtually lost Australian scores.

In 2008 a significant compilation CD from Australian film soundtracks was released, including previously unreleased music from Incident at Ravensgate, Grievous Bodily Harm, Time Guardian and Snapshot. It was named, The Antony I Ginnane Collection, after the Australian producer featured in the documentary about Australian exploitation films in the 1970s and 1980s called Not Quite Hollywood.


1M1 Records works have been nominated for four ARIA Music Awards: Bloodmoon and Wendy Cracked a Walnut (both in 1991) for Best Original Soundtrack / Cast / Show Recording,[3] beDevil (1994) for the same category,[4] and Victoria: Missa Surge Propera (1991) for Best Classical Album.[3]


Australian soundtracks licensed to oneMone Records, and released and distributed by oneMone Records on compact disc: For the Term of His Natural Life (Simon Walker), Sky Pirates, Thirst, Bloodmoon (Brian May),[5] Wendy Cracked a Walnut (Bruce Smeaton), Devil in the Flesh (Philippe Sarde), Patrick,[6] Roadgames,[6] Harlequin, The Survivor,[7] The Day After Halloween (aka. Snap Shot), Race for the Yankee Zephyr (Brian May),[7] Robbery Under Arms, The Flying Doctors (TV miniseries), Second Time Lucky (Garry McDonald and Laurie Stone), The Lighthorsemen (Mario Millo),[8] We of the Never Never, The Leaving of Liverpool (Peter Best) and beDevil (Carl Vine).

Australian soundtracks licensed to 1M1 Records, and released and distributed by 1M1 Records on compact disc: Annie's Coming Out (Simon Walker),[9] The Celluloid Heroes (Nigel Westlake), The True Story of Eskimo Nell (Brian May) and The Great Macarthy (Bruce Smeaton), Film and TV Themes of Bruce Smeaton, The Coolangatta Gold (Bill Conti), Dad and Dave On Our Selection (Peter Best), Eliza Fraser and Summerfield (Bruce Smeaton),[10] The Last of the Mohicans and Tom Sawyer (Simon Walker), The Pickwick Papers (Simon Walker) and Grendel Grendel Grendel (Bruce Smeaton)[11] and The Antony I Ginnane Collection - Australia Film Themes Vol. 2 (Brian May, Peter Best, Allan Zavod, Graham Tardif, Chris Neal).


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