2012 Delhi Earthquake

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The 2012 Delhi Earthquake occurred with a moment magnitude of 5.2 and was centered within the National Capital Region (India), near the border of Indian capital Delhi and the Indian state of Haryana, at Template:Tooltip on Monday, 5 March.[1] The earthquake was felt across northern India, with strong tremors being recorded in Delhi.

At least 5 persons were reported injured when a building collapsed in Hissar town of Haryana. Tremors were felt as far as Amritsar, almost 400 km away, Chandigarh, Agra, Jaipur and several other cities in Haryana and Punjab. In Indian capital Delhi, metro services were temporarily suspended as a precautionary measure and the CBSE Physics board examination was disrupted at some centres. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the Indian capital since a 6.0 magnitude earthquake in 1960 which had struck Moradabad, around 150 km from Delhi. It was also the third earthquake to be felt in Delhi in barely six months.


The earthquake was reported to measure 4.9 on the Richter Scale though the United States Geological Survey assigned a magnitude of 5.2, making it the strongest earthquake ever recorded within the National Capital Region (India). It struck at 13:11 local time, at a depth of 10 km. The shallow depth of the earthquake made it widely felt across northern India. It was the third earthquake felt in Delhi in six months, closely following a 4.2 magnitude earthquake on 7 September 2011 with epicentre at Delhi-Haryana border and the 2011 Sikkim earthquake on 18 September 2011.


Metro services in the Indian capital Delhi were suspended temporarily. Flight operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport were temporarily suspended for 30 minutes after the earthquake. The ongoing CBSE Board examination was disrupted at some centres in Delhi. Reports of cracks in buildings were also received by Indian media. A building collapsed in Haryana city of Hissar, injuring 5 persons.


Although no immediate aftershocks were reported, a 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Delhi-Haryana border on 13 March 2012 in the late night hours, causing panic but no casualties. Later in June 2012, two earthquakes in quick succession hit Rohtak town of Haryana, barely 30 km from Delhi.