2014–15 MNZ Celje Leagues and cup

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Intercommunal League Golgeter

Intercommunal League Golgeter (Slovene: Medobčinska članska liga Golgeter) was a 4th tier competition in Slovenian football pyramid. It was open for all clubs of MNZ Celje that don't play in higher leagues. The league began on August 30, 2014 and ended on May 30th, 2015.

League table

{{#invoke:Sports table|main|style=WDL |update=complete |source=MNZ Celje Template:Sl icon

|team1=T01 |team2=T02 |team3=T03 |team4=T04 |team5=T05 |team6=T06 |team7=T07 |team8=T08 |team9=T09 |team10=T10 |result1=QPO

|win_T01=16 |draw_T01=0 |loss_T01=2 |gf_T01=65 |ga_T01=19 |status_T01=QP |win_T02=15 |draw_T02=1 |loss_T02=2 |gf_T02=75 |ga_T02=12 |win_T03=12 |draw_T03=2 |loss_T03=4 |gf_T03=52 |ga_T03=19 |win_T04=9 |draw_T04=3 |loss_T04=6 |gf_T04=49 |ga_T04=39 |win_T05=9 |draw_T05=3 |loss_T05=6 |gf_T05=55 |ga_T05=26 |win_T06=8 |draw_T06=0 |loss_T06=10 |gf_T06=49 |ga_T06=45 |win_T07=6 |draw_T07=1 |loss_T07=11 |gf_T07=39 |ga_T07=32 |win_T08=6 |draw_T08=0 |loss_T08=12 |gf_T08=34 |ga_T08=67 |win_T09=4 |draw_T09=0 |loss_T09=14 |gf_T09=32 |ga_T09=71 |win_T10=0 |draw_T10=0 |loss_T10=18 |gf_T10=16 |ga_T10=136

|name_T01=Brežice 1919 |name_T02=Zreče |name_T03=Žalec |name_T04=Kovinar Štore |name_T05=Mozirje |name_T06=Šoštanj |name_T07=Rogaška |name_T08=Odred Kozje |name_T09=Vojnik |name_T10=Vransko

|res_col_header=Q |col_QPO=yellow1 |text_QPO=Qualified for Play-off



Playoff between the winners of the Golgeter League and the second placed teams in the VEČER League and Ptuj Superleague were played for promotion to the 3. SNL – North.

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Brežice 1919 won a promotion to the 3. SNL – North.

MNZ Celje Cup

All member clubs of MNZ Celje in any level of Slovenian league pyramid were eligible (and were in fact required[1]) to participate, except Celje and Rudar Velenje who were playing in the 1. SNL.

Both finalists qualified for the 2015–16 Slovenian Cup.



All rounds were contested in a single game (first team was the host). Template:32TeamBracket MNZ Celje Template:Sl icon

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