2016 North Carolina coup d'état

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Template:Infobox civil conflict After Republican North Carolina governor Pat McCrory lost the 2016 gubernatorial election, Republicans of the General Assembly stripped the powers of the incoming Democratic governor Roy Cooper in a legislative coup.


On December 5, incumbent Republican governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory conceded the gubernatorial election to Democratic challenger Roy Cooper. Cooper will take office on January 1, 2017.


On December 14, Republican officials called for a special session of the General Assembly. During the special session, Republican legislators passed bills to increase McCrory's powers before he leaves office and reduce Cooper's powers once he takes office.[1][2][3]

On December 16, McCrory signed the bills into law.[4]



The special session has been described as a "legislative coup." Two former governors, one Democrat and one Republican, said that the bills go "too far."


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