2017 Buckingham Palace incident

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On 25 August 2017, three police officers arrested a 26-year-old man in possession of a 4-foot long samurai sword inside a car near Buckingham Palace. The man had stopped his car after driving it towards a police vehicle. The police officers were slightly injured whilst making the arrest.


Three police officers suffered minor injuries while arresting a 26-year-old man in possession of a sword in his car outside Buckingham Palace in central London. Two of the injured officers were hospitalized, but both were soon discharged.[1] The would-be attacker also suffered injuries. The man is alleged to have stopped his Toyota Prius in front of a police van after driving at or towards it.[2][3][4] The suspect reached for his sword while seated inside when officers challenged him.[5][6] He reportedly shouted "Allahu akbar" (Arabic for "God is greatest") and was quickly subdued by police.[7][8]

The suspect is reported to have intended to attack Windsor Castle, but when he keyed it in, his satnav app directed him to a pub named "The Windsor Castle," and he decided to attack Buckingham Palace instead.[9][5]

Legal proceedings

Suspect was held in custody and on 31 August 2017 was charged with "engaging in conduct in preparation for giving effect to his intention to commit an act or acts of terrorism".[10][11]

Police investigation

The incident is being investigated under the Terrorism Act.[12][13] The investigation is being conducted by SO15, the counter-terrorism command at Scotland Yard.[2] Police said that the incident was being treated as terrorism but that they would remain open minded while the investigation continued, also that they were looking into the suspect’s mental-health history.[14]

The suspect lived with his family in Luton, he reportedly left a note for his sister,[15] telling her that he would be in heaven by the time she read it.[5][16] He was also reported as having left a document on his computer in which he wrote, "Tell everyone that I love them and that they should struggle against the enemies of Allah with their lives and their property,... The queen and her soldiers will all be in the hellfire.”[5][17][18] According to investigators, the suspect conducted numerous searches on the Islamic State in the two months preceding the incident, and had searched for material showing ISIS supporters celebrating the 2017 Westminster attack.[5]


The suspect, Mohiussunnath Choudhury, a 26-year-old British Bangladeshi immigrant,[19][20][5][21] was born in Bangladesh but holds British citizenship.[1]

The suspect lived with his parents and sister in Luton and attended St. Lawrence Primary School and Uxbridge High School, London.[22]


The incident followed a string of terrorist attacks in Europe,[23][24][25] and three terror attacks in London and one in Manchester since March 2017: the Westminster attack in March, the London Bridge attack and 2017 Finsbury Park attack a few weeks later, and the May Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester.[26][27][28]. The Independent subsequently grouped the preceding attacks (including Buckingham Palace) with the September Parsons Green bombing.[29]

The incident took place on the same day as the August 2017 Brussels attack.[30][31][32][33]


Prime Minister Theresa May stated the police acted "quickly and bravely to protect the public."[34]

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