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Template:Use mdy dates Template:Infobox civilian attack A mass shooting occurred in the Greektown district of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on the night of July 22, 2018.[1] Faisal Hussain[2] shot and killed two civilians while injuring thirteen others. Hussain was found dead after fleeing from an exchange of gunfire with police and the circumstances of his death were under investigation by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU).[3]


During the months leading up to the incident, Toronto had seen a spike in gun violence attributed to gang activity.[3][4] In the week prior to the shooting, the Toronto Police Services Board asked the city to double the number of closed-circuit police cameras and to install microphones capable of detecting gunfire that would immediately notify police.[5] In addition, on the weekend of the shooting, Toronto Police deployed an additional 200 officers in various areas of the city in response to the spike in gang-related gun violence. However, police did not believe that this shooting was related to gang activity.[4]


Around 10:00 pm EDT on July 22, 2018, a lone gunman walked along Toronto's busy Danforth Avenue in the Greektown area of the city, randomly shooting pedestrians before opening fire on crowded restaurants.[6][7][4] The incident began around Danforth Avenue and Logan Avenue near Christina's restaurant. Witnesses described 10 to 15 blasts similar to firecrackers, while others reported hearing gunshots and a man holding a gun.[3] Further along Danforth Avenue at Chester Avenue, witnesses said they saw a man shooting from a sidewalk into another restaurant named Demetre's. The shooter continued to walk westbound on Danforth Avenue towards Hampton Avenue, where witnesses said the shooter crossed the street from the north side to the south side of Danforth Avenue and fired into 7Numbers restaurant near Bowden Street where one victim was shot.[3] Police responded to calls from witnesses and located the gunman on Bowden Street and exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The gunman ran back to Danforth Avenue where he was found dead.[3]

EMS transported eight victims to trauma centers – including four people to St. Michael's Hospital, three to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and one person to The Hospital for Sick Children.[3] Two victims died from their gunshot wounds.[8] St. Michael's reported that they were treating five patients, three of them underwent "immediate lifesaving surgery" after the shooting and all five patients were in serious or critical, but stable, condition.[3][9] At Michael Garron Hospital, officials said that two gunshot victims were treated at their facility and were in stable condition. Five other patients were treated for issues "in relation to the shooting", but were not shot.[10]

At a nearby intersection, police officers closed off an area from bystanders and detonated a package.[4] Police did not immediately release information about the contents of the package.


Template:Infobox criminal The SIU identified the suspect as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain.[2]

Hussain's family said that he was struggling with severe mental health challenges, including psychosis and depression.[2]


Toronto Police reported that two female victims were killed:[4][3]

Police also said that fifteen people – seven males and eight females – were shot, with the victims ranging in age from 10 to 59 and their injuries varying from minor to serious in nature.[4][3][9]


In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, police did not identify a motive, saying that they were investigating "every possible motive, including terrorism."[11]

The Special Investigations Unit (SIU) identified the suspect as a 29-year-old male, Faisal Hussain.[2] On July 23, police executed a search warrant at Hussain's residence in the Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood of the city.

Since the suspect was found dead, the SIU sent six investigators and three forensic investigators to the scene.[3] The SIU was looking into whether Hussain was shot by police or if he shot himself. On July 23, the SIU removed a police cruiser from the scene and said that the two officers inside the cruiser were being investigated for their role in the exchange of gunfire with the suspect.[3] Hussain's firearm was also seized by the SIU in the course of its investigation. Officials said that the SIU's investigation was focused on what happened after police engaged the suspect and the investigation by Toronto Police was focused on what happened beforehand.[3]


Police closed off Danforth Avenue between Broadview and Pape, and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) diverted buses and bypassed subways in the area until 5:45 p.m. on July 23.[4][3] Police maintained a heightened presence on Danforth Avenue in the aftermath of the shooting.[3]

Toronto Mayor John Tory acknowledged that the city has a gun problem and said that he was reaching out to provincial and federal officials to discuss public safety and the legality of guns.[3]

In response to the shooting, residents and business owners in the area started a crowdsourcing campaign for funeral expenses of victims who died.[12] Meanwhile, the Canadian Blood Services said that they were closely monitoring response efforts and were encouraging donations in the aftermath of the shooting.[12]

The Toronto International Film Festival cancelled an event to promote its planned film slate out of respect for those affected by the shooting.[9]

On the day after the shooting, a man with a knife was arrested during the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.[9] It was not immediately clear whether the incident was related to the shooting in Toronto.


Domestic leaders from all levels of government expressed their support and condolences in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,[13] Canadian Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale,[14] and Ontario Premier Doug Ford.[15] Ford described the attack as "the most brazen shooting" of a year full of gun violence.[5] Toronto Mayor John Tory added that the shooting was an "unspeakable act" and an attack on the city.[3] As the event took place in Toronto's Greektown, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece expressed solidarity and condolences. [16]


Following the shooting, several teams and athletes in the sports world showed their support on social media with the TorontoStrong hashtag,[17] which was originally used in the aftermath of the Toronto van attack.

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