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21 is a 2016 Telugu horror film, directed by Jaishankar Chigurula.[1] Viswa Kamal plays the lead role in this film. The film was released on the 29th of July 2016.[2] fetched positive reviews[3] and emerged successful at the box office.[4]


Movie is all about a girl cheated by a facebook friend . How she takes back revenge. Vindhya is a beautiful girl in the movie who accept a friend request from naveen. Naveen works for a it company and also have other activity as cricket betting. He looses money in one of the betting, he run short of money, he ask his fb friend vindhya to arrange the money by saying her that he will that his friends mother is not well, he required money for operation which he Will help. Vindhya believe him and give money, later his fb account goes unavailable. Vindhya fails to call his mobile also, mean while venkat who is also loving vindhya other as a one sided lover.

Vindhya father scolds her for the money, vindhya upset and she commits 'sucide'. After vindhya death also facebook account active only , who ever likes her profile pitcher and try to flirt with her she kills , like that she kills 19 people . SI puli take up the case and he found that all murder are by vindhya... By time he reveals this to him self likes her profil pitcher, vindhya kills SI (20). The hero kamal finds vindhya page in facebook. So he feels that some one is misusing her page, so he also likes her profile pitcher to test. The suspense is that will she kill him, with si puli she kills 20 people , so will kamal 21st person is going to killed or saved . Watch it on silver screen.


  • Viswa Kamal as Venkat
  • Vindhya Yadav as Ghost
  • Naveen Maryada as Rahul
  • Yadagiri as Bajarangi Hero's Friend
  • Venkata Krishna Mantena as Heroine's Father
  • Nirmala as Hero's Mother
  • Mani Rathnam as B.Tech student
  • Shanthan reddy as B.Tech student
  • Spandana as Newsreader
  • Kasu Naveen Kumar as Roudy Anna, Babbar Share
  • Suresh Kumar Karanam as lead police role



Music composed by Abhishek Walimbe.[5] released on 30 October 2015[6]

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