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3059 is a roguelike first written in 2005 by Jeremy Vight of phr00t's software that is billed as a free, fully featured roguelike RPG game. It was created using MSVC++ and the Allegro library.[1]


The game takes place on the surface of Esperanza on a world that is divided by 50,000 by 50,000 areas. Each area contains either wilderness populated by aliens or towns populated by humans. Each area is run by a faction that have attitudes that can be hostile neutral or friendly. Attitudes toward the player are improved by using peace crystals or completing quests while attitudes are made hostile by stealing, hurting or killing people or aliens in an area. In hostile areas, activities like shopping, chatting or bartering are restricted.

Players have the ability to alter terrain through mining, logging, and even building roads and structures that can contain traps, teleporters and healing pads.

In addition there are underground areas connected through tunnels and caves that can be found throughout the planet Esperanza One can also travel to orbiting asteroids using a teleportation device that can be found through bartering or stealing. On the asteroids the player fights an alien to receive important objects like peace crystals which can be used to increase friendly attitudes in otherwise hostile areas.[2]

The world's map of 50,000 x 50,000 areas wraps itself around simulating a round world.


The game has received praise for its wide expanding random world to explore.[no citations needed here]

3059 and its accompanying sequels are considered the precursor to minecraft.[no citations needed here]

sequels & development

3059 has not been in further development since around 2007 but has been followed by sequels which have advanced and 3d graphics such as 3069, 3079, 3089 and the latest 5089. The sequels feature larger worlds and new features such as 2 player co-op[3]Template:Self-published inline


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