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AQA Holding S.p.A is an Italian airline holding company which is owned Qatar Airways (49% stake) and Alisarda S.p.A (51% stake).[1][2] The company is recognized for owning Air Italy S.p.A (the new Italian Airline which is planned to beat the recently bankrupt Italian airline, Alitalia). Previously AQA Holdings owned the late Italian Airline Meridiana S.p.A and all of its assets (including the old Air Italy S.p.A). As the company owned both Meridiana S.p.A and Air Italy S.p.A , AQA Holding announced a merge between the two company to form the brand new Air Italy S.p.A.


On 2 September 2017 AQA Holding S.p.A is created after Qatar Airways bought 49% of AQA Holding.[3] Qatar Airways announced that major changes would be coming for AQA Holding & Its Subsidiary Meridiana.

On 19 February 2018, the Key People of the AQA holdings (listed in the infobox) conducted a meeting in Milan in front of Italian journalists to present the official business plans & rebranding of Air Italy.[4]


The company's shareholder structure as of 18 February 2018 is:[5]

Shareholder Percentage
Template:Flagicon Alisarda S.p.A 51%
Template:Flagicon Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C 49%

Corporate Leadership

AQA Holding S.p.A is run by 4 people which are:


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