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Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union (ASYOU or Union) (Template:Lang-az, ATGTİ) is one of the biggest organizations which has consolidated 109 private and state higher educational establishments of Azerbaijan .[1]

ASYOU is non- commercial, non-governmental organization. The union was established in 2009, November 20. And ASYOU has been got state registration at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2010, March. The purpose of the union is to help the growth of education at high schools, to represent and defend students’ interests, to provide students’ active participation in socio-political, cultural and socio-economic life of the republic.

ASYOU constantly organizes local trainings, seminars, conferences, national and international Summer Camps, exchange of students, diverse Olympiads among students, art competitions and other activities like those.


The aim of the Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union:

  • To help the growth of education at high and secondary educational establishments;
  • To represent and defend students' interests;
  • To provide students’ actively participate in socio-political, cultural and socio-economic life of the republic;
  • To defend students’ rights;
  • To promote human values among the young, to increase the role of the young at the growth of the civil society.


The history of ASYOU has begun with the head of the presidential administration of Azerbaijan Republic, academician Ramiz Mehdiyev s command №41. Activity plans have been prepared in order to build perfect relations with the youth and students. Ministry of Education (Azerbaijan) prepared an order about this in 2005,February 28 and sent it to the all high and secondary educational establishments. Ministry of Youth and Sports (Azerbaijan) and the Ministry of Education have maintained “ The regulation of Student Youth Organizations of high and secondary educational establishments” for ensuring the regulation of the activity of Student Youth Organizations. Thereby, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and The Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan has closely attended at the creation of Student Youth Organizations. The regulation has been prepared again and affirmed by both ministries in 2007. It has been sent to all higher and secondary educational establishments. In 2009, from May 1 to June 4, establishing - election conferences of the Students Youth Organizations had been held. In Those conferences, reports about activities of Union during last term were listened and those activities were estimated, chairman and vice-chairmen were selected. Board of Governors, control and inspection commission were formed in new composition. 40 higher education institutions and 300 delegations from their branches were elected for participating at the congress of ASYOU. Student Youth Organizations of 40 higher education institutions that consist of 26 state and 14 private education institutions established ASYOU in 2009 20 November. President Ilham Aliyev’s greeting letter was read to the participants at the opening of the congress. The letter was presented by head of the department of humanitarian and political issues of Presidental administration, Fatma Abdullazade. The assurance to ASYOU’s turning a member of civil society was expressed in the letter . The chairman of the Presidental administration, Ramiz Mehdiyev reported –“Today is a historic day in the life of the Youth of Azerbaijan, 2000 students are beginning act as a united organization. This initiative puts on us big commitments".[2]


The supreme body of Azerbaijan Student Youth Organizations’ Union is a Congress. Congress is called twice a year and the chairman of the Union and members of the coordination are selected in these congresses. Coordination council is a decision-making body of Union and it combines to itself 109 chairmen of Azerbaijan Student Organizations. The choice of the Board of Directors’ members and vice-chairmen are included to the list of power of Coordination Council. Board of Directors are made up of 31 persons. The chairman of the Union is, at the same time, chairman of the Board of Directors and vice- chairmen are the vice-chairmen of the Board of Directors. Board of Directors is a decision-making body. ASYOU’s chairman carries out general directory to the Board of Directors and Executive body. The Executive bodies of the Union are Departments. The Executive Director manages to the activities of the executive structure. Department Directors lead to the implementation of the work on their own profiles.

International Relations Department organizes international events, establishes relationship between ASYOU and International institutions, ASYOU and foreign students organizations. Public Relations Department provides awareness of the public about events, projects which has been held by the Union. Project Department carries out preparation of the projects of ASYOU, coordinates the work of Working Groups (WG), and provides functioning of fund-raising. Human Resources Department carries out the membership issues to ASYOU, accounting of staff members of decision-making and executive bodies of the Union and management of the human resources. Education and Science Department carries out the preparation and implementation of events, formal and informal education, Olympiads, seminars in different topics, round tables, and scientific programs.provides development of the Union’s website and implementation of the programs in the sphere of IT.

To other executive bodies include the following:

Accounting implements allocation of funds to events and the payment of employees’ salaries. Office manager provides supply of all materials of ASYOU’s office and office management. There are different Working Groups in the structure of ASYOU. Each of Working Groups organizes diverse events on their own profiles. The activities of Working Groups are regulated by the statues of ASYOU and Working Groups. The Chairman of the Commission leads to CRC.

Control and Inspection Commission (CRC) consists of 5 members and it is elected from among the members of Coordinating Council. CRS monitors works of bodies of the Union and listens reports.

Member higher and secondary education institutions/establishments


Azerbaijan International University was also member of ASYOU, but the Ministry of education put an end to the activity of Azerbaijan International University in 2010.

Activity fields

ASYOU implements following sorts of activity:

  1. To increase students' participation in the social life of establishment institutions;
  2. To aware students about universal values and to provide their development in civil society;
  3. To assist to students for spending their leisure time efficiently;
  4. To hold diverse educational sosiological questioning, seminars, social questionings, and conferences among the different groups of population.

School of Leadership

School of Leadership

Implementation period of the Leadership: twice a year: in February and August

The donor of the project: Ministry of Youth and Sports (Azerbaijan)

The main goal of the project: to make young leaders of society known and their contribution to civil society growth

School of Leadership is organized constantly twice a year by ASYOU. Project continues during the week and each of the schools of Leadership is held one of the picturesque nooks of Azerbaijan. First and second course students participate in this project. The number of students changes 100-130. Students act as teams and it formulates their working ability in a team and competitive environment. During the school of Leadership participants attend at the meetings with deputies, public figures, state employees. At the same time, trainings about “ Writing projects and management”, “Rules of etiquette and behavior in society” , “Social media”, “Public relations” are organized for participants. Information that students gained from the trainings is useful information which students can use in any area of their future life.


  • Law Olympiad: At the Olympiad, students not only demonstrated their knowledge on the sphere of law, but also they got opportunity to learn more deeply about the law of their country.
  • Logic Olympiad: In total, more than 2000 students applied for participation in the Olympiad. The winners were awarded with a Master’s degree in Turkey, notebook, netbook, tablet, and other valuable prizes.
  • Political Science Olympiad among Students: The main goals of Olympiad are to educate students in the different areas of policy and help them for becoming specialists in this sphere.

Working groups

Diverse working groups and clubs are operating in the Union. These working groups and clubs provide students’ activities in relevant areas more purposeful.

  • “Diplomacy” working group
  • “Ecology” working group
  • “History” working group
  • Working group of business
  • Working group of law
  • Working group of psychology
  • Working group of artists
  • Working group of sports
  • Working group of culture
  • Working group of journalists
  • Conversation club
  • “A book doesn’t eat a man” club
  • “Karabagh” center

Great Projects

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The International Partners

  • Flemis Students Union – Belgium
  • Student Union of Serbia – SUS
  • Students Conference of Serbian Universities – SKONUS
  • Slovene Student Union – SSU
  • Slovakia Students’ Union
  • Lithuanian National Union of Students
  • Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Lithuania
  • Students’ Council of the Republic of Belarus
  • Turkish Student Council - TÖK

Relationship between ASYOU and ESU(European Students' Union)

  • In 2011, November, Javid Ismayilov had participated in European Students Union’s 61st meeting in Bulgaria. In that meeting, ASYOU was accepted consultative member to ESU.
  • In 2012, March, Turan Eldarova and Toghrul Niyazli had participated ESU’s in 62nd meeting. In that meeting, ASYOU was accepted enjoyimg full rights member to the Union.
  • In 2012, December, Toghrul Mammadli, Toghrul Niyazli and Polad Muradli had participated in Board of Directors’ 63rd meeting in Malta.
  • In 2013, March, Toghrul Mammadli had participated 25th European Students’ Convention that was organised by ESU.
  • In 2013, March Majid Musayev and Toghrul Mammadli participated in 64th Board of Directors’ meeting that was organised by ESU.
  • In 2013, September, Hussein Ismayilov and Toghrul Mammadli had participated in 26th European Students’ Convention in Lithuania.
  • In 2013, November, Toghrul Mammadli and Gulnaz Guliyeva participated in Board of Directors’ meeting that took place in Croatia.
  • ASYOU, achieved to organize 67th Board of Directors’ meeting in Baku.

Student Internship Program

Student internship program is one of the projects of ASYOU. The goals of the Student Internship Program:

  1. To increase students’ chance about finding a job after graduating from Universities;
  2. To create opportunities for students to get internships while their education life;
  3. To prepare high quality personnels for establishments;
  4. To try getting declaration of diverse scholarship programs.

In general,1644 youth have registered to the different vacancies within the framework of the Students Internship Program.

Azerbaijan Student Card

The project of the discount cards for students is executed by ASYOU and Caspian Investment Centre. ASYOU gathers the necessary information from the students who want to get cards and the centre prepares these cards. The issue of the giving of the cards is intended at “Azerbaijani youth 2011-2015” State programme. Shahin Ismayilov, chairman of the Union expressed such an idea at a meeting time with President Ilham Aliyev and this initiative was supported by the head of the state. Student Card allows to use the cards with discounts that start from 5 percent at the nearly 450 object of any location in the country. In other words, a card owner is able to use discounts from 5percent to 55 percent at everywhere as restaurants, technique shops, sport goods, entertainment centers, barber, and beauty salons.

Our Publications

  • "Böyük tənəffüs(Break)" - student newspaper
  • Bologna system guidebook
  • “1 Tələbəyə 1000 kitab(1000 Books for Each Students)” DVD
  • Volunteering passport
  • "Buta" DVD

ASYOU on Social Networks


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