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A.K. Chenoweth

Alison Chenoweth 2011
Born 1964
Newtownards, Co.Down, Northern Ireland
Nationality British / Irish
Occupation Businesswoman/Author/Former PR
Years active 1994 - present
Known for Former PR Consultant to Jenna McCorkell

A.K. Chenoweth is a writer, publisher, PR Consultant and businesswoman. She has written, co-written and ghost-written several books.

Early life

Chenoweth was born in 1964 in Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland as Alison Karen McBride. In her youth she was an Irish Badminton Champion in doubles and an Ulster Swimming Champion. Her first Award-winning poem Demons published in 1994 by Forward Press and her first book, Gaby's New Wings, was published in 1999.

Publications and Career

Chenoweth's first children's book Gaby's New Wings was published in 1999 under the pseudonym Alison Abrahamby vanity publishers Minerva Press. The publishers went into liquidation in 2003, and the book was out of print until December 2015 when it was re-released in the United States by Tate Publishing.[1] Chenoweth has donated all her royalties from this book to Metro World Child.[2][3] Since then Chenoweth has published several books, ghost-written an acclaimed Christian Biography and co-written The Genesis Diary with author Coralie Eden.

From 1995 she maintained two ice skating columns in The Newtownards Chronicle and Spectator Newspapers for several years. She was also was PR Consultant to British ice skater Jenna McCorkell[4][5][6][7] from 2000–2010, She has also represented other International UK skaters and athletes including Neil Wilson and Karla Quinn.

On October 1, 2009, Chenoweth established 3-in-1 The Voice. The free Christian online downloadable E-zine in its first year had over twenty-seven contributors and has featured interviews with celebrity Christians over the years such as: Wendy Alec,[8] Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, Pablo Giacopelli, Dr K.P Yohannan, Reinhard Bonnke,[9] Matt Sorger, Pastor Bill Wilson Metro World Child,[10] Graham Cole, Richard Kays, Kim Mazelle, Tricia Goyer and Pastor James McConnell to name but a few.[11]

Poetry Events

In 2001 and 2002 Chenoweth founded The Alison Abraham Poetry Awards at The Long Gallery, Parliament Buildings, Stormont. The events were hosted by Jim Shannon MP. She published two books containing the winning poems of the children's work - The Primary Book of Poems and The Primary Book of Poems '02. Local children's charity NIICCA (The Northern Ireland Children's Charity Appeal), benefited from the events. From 2001-2004 she hosted various V.I.P Poetry Workshops in local Primary Schools sponsored by Ards Arts Council.

From 2003-2004 she co-founded the Primary Roadshow, an exhibition hosted by the SEELB (South Eastern Education & Library Board) of the finalists of The Alison Abraham Poetry Awards throughout local libraries displaying the children's work. For the first time children in special education schools were given the opportunity to compete and have their work displayed alongside mainstream and privately run schools in Northern Ireland.

In 2008 she was instrumental in organizing The McIntyre Poetry Awards with local Northern Irish poet Cameron McIntyre,[12] again hosted at Parliament Buildings, Stormont. The event was supported by Dame Mary Peters, VIP Guest for the day, Titanic Quarter and other top businesses. Chenoweth published a third book - Primary Poetry for All of the children's work, which again was donated to local charities.


In 2015 Chenoweth gave one of two interviews for the first time in seventeen years. First for global online radio station, Finding My Way, Kalya Padgett[13] and then Irish Terrestrial Radio Station she appeared on The Timothy Hancock Show,[14] Shine FM. The second combined with a book giveaway. In February 2015, on Terrestrial UK Christian Radio Plus, Coventry The Sandra Godley Show featured Chenoweth with an exclusive book giveaway of her romance novella Benign Surrender] (currently out of print). In December 1999 she conducted her first and only Television public interview on UTV Live to launch her new book, Gaby's New Wings.


Chenoweth was recognized for her charitable works in 2001 by the WOYLA (Women of the Year Lunch & Assembly, London UK), when she was a nominee for the award. In the early 1990s she won The Cartier Pen awarded by Northern Woman Magazine Northern Ireland. She has also received an award for her writing in 2015 by 3-in-1 Exceptional Writers Awards for her children's E-book Gaby's Great Commission.

Chenoweth lives and works in Oregon, USA.


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