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Aaron Ozee is an American poet and author who has written over ten books since 2011. Ozee wrote his first anthology titled, "Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm," at age fifteen, which has marked Ozee as one of the youngest authors ever to have been published in the world.[1][2][3]

Ozee's books were released through Lulu Press, Smashwords, and the Audiobook Creation Exchange as Print-On-Demand, eBook and audiobook products. Each of Ozee's titles are listed with prominent retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million, Alibris, Book Depository, and Half Price Books.[4][5] Ozee has also been featured by media outlets such as The Huffington Post, The Daily Herald, and Publishers Weekly.[6][7][8]

In June 2015, Ozee claimed ownership of the world record title, "Most Books Published By A Teenager," officially awarded by Record Setter, a world record organization.[9][10][11]

World Records

  • "Most Books Published By A Teenager" [12]
  • "Most eBooks Published By A Teenager"[13]
  • "Most Audiobooks Published By A Teenager"[14]
  • "Most Collections Of Poetry Published By A Teenager" [15]
  • "Most Print Books Published By A Teenager"[16]
  • "Youngest Bestselling Self-Published Poet"[17]


Publication Year Published ISBN
Celestial Inferno: Poems of Another Realm[18] 2011 9781304103871
Peacefully Poetic[19] 2012 9781304103956
Scribed Asylum[20] 2012 9781304104045
Southern Style[21] 2012 9781304104144
Horrific Paradise[22] 2013 9781304104427
Molten Sunset[23] 2013 9781304265210
Ironic Perfection: Poetic Works of Aaron Ozee[24] 2013 9781304288363
Beloved Supremacy[25] 2014 9781304769220
Twisted Mist[26] 2015 9781312893689
My Darling Child Shiloh[27] 2016 9781365332524


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