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[[File:Dr AbdulAziz Al Kuwari.png|frameless|alt=Dr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari]]
Dr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari
Residence Doha
Nationality Qatari
Education MD & MMBS & MS, Surgery
Alma mater Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Occupation Acting Chief Executive Officer of Aspetar Aspire_Zone
Years active 2005-present
Employer Aspetar Aspire_Zone
Home town Doha

Abdulaziz Al Kuwari (Template:Lang-ar) is a Qatari orthopedic surgeon and cycling champion. Dr. Al Kuwari is currently appointed as Acting Chief Executive Officer of Aspetar - Aspire Zone [1] and President of the Qatar Cyclists Center. [2] He is also a member of AOSpine.


Dr Abdulaziz Al Kuwari is a an Arab board certified orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the treatment of complex spinal disorders, including spinal trauma, spinal tumors (extradural pathology), adult and pediatric deformities, scoliosis, and severe degenerative diseases. [3] He is a leader in sports medicine in the state of Qatar and a health activist. Dr. Alkuwari chaired the 3rd Qatar International Spine Conference [4] , and has taken part in many local and international spine conferences. As part of Aspetar, he has led numerous international ventures in research, training, performance and sports medicine such as establishing a Sports Medicine Centre of Excellence in the USA. [5]


Dr Al Kuwari attained his medical degree (MD) from the Royal College of Surgeons, in Ireland (2005). He completed Spine Fellowship [4] (2012) and a Masters in Spine Biomechanics Surgery from the University of Western Ontario, in Canada (2015).[1] 


Dr Al Kuwari joined the Hamad Medical Corporation in August 2005 where he held the position of Resident Orthopedic Surgeon until August 2010 [1]. Till 2011, he held the role of Chief Resident Orthopedic Surgery Resident - Arab Board Program. [4] In March 2012, he was appointed as Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon. Currently he is an assistant Program Director of Orthopedic Surgery at Hamad General Hospital. [6] Dr. Alkuwari started practicing at Aspetar in 2014, when he was appointed Assistant Program Director of Orthopedic Surgery and is currently the Acting Chief Executive Officer. [1].

Philanthropist work

Dr. Alkuwari is an avid cyclist and is the Director [7] of the Qatar Cyclists Center which he co-founded in 2014. [8]

He is a health activist who believes that sport is a way of life, and he has contributed to many health initiatives as a result. Such initiatives include several MoUs between the cyclists center and prominent Qatar organizations aiming to encourage riders of all ages and nationalities to cycle. [9]

Dr. Al Kuwari has taken part in many road and off-road cycling events around the world and has scored titles in the yearly Al Adaid Desert Challenge [8] initiative that is currently one of the biggest cycling events in Qatar. As the number of Qatari cyclists is increasing in the past few years, he is considered as a role model setting an example for a healthy life and encouraging more young kids to take on the sport.

He first took up cycling as a hobby and ended up traveling more than 20 countries for various cycling events. [10]

Every year since its inception in 2015, Dr. Al Kuwari takes part of Ride of Champions Cycling Challenge in Doha, Qatar - The official flagship community event of Qatar Cyclists and Qatar Cycling & Triathlon Federation.

2019 Ooredoo Ride of Champions Event summary [11]

  • 15th of March
  • expected over 1,500 riders
  • three events (48km, 78km and 137.5km) for experienced adult cyclists, all which start from the Ceremonial Court of Qatar Foundation
  • kids’ events for children between the age of 3 to 8

2017 Qatar Ride of Champions Event summary [12]

  • over 1,100 riders
  • more than 57 nationalities
  • three events (48km, 78km and 137.5km) for experienced adult cyclists departing from Qatar Foundation and heading towards Al Shahaniya and back
  • kids’ events for the under 8-year-old boys and girls who would like to ride in Qatar Foundation’s Oxygen Park

2016 - TBC


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