Abdulmalik Afegbua

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HRH Alhaji Abdulmalik Asekomhe Afegbua (Arabic: عبد الملك أسكوم أفيجبوا) (OBE) (1845-June 8, 1954) was the first Paramount Otaru of Okpella kingdom


Afegbua was born in 1845 in Okpella, and was an embodiment of the virtues of simplicity, honesty, kindness, tolerance and empathy. He was a friend to many, regardless of tribe, religion or caste.

These are indeed achievements and legacies worthy of celebration and emulation. But Alhaji Afegbua did not just leave his deeds to be emulated; he made specific requests and gave advice to his family and the people of Okpella before he died.

He emphasised that the pieces of advice were preconditions for the sustained development of both his family and Okpella. His family members were to remain united like the "broom" for the people of Okpella, and to live peacefully with one another. They were also to treat the Afegbua family with greater love and brotherliness. This is because the Afegbua family has become a mini-Okpella and Okpella needs not feel threatened by the size of the family.