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Abid Mahi

Born 1979 in London UK Abid Mahi is a filmmaker at Treite Productions[1] (also known as Treite Labs). And a humanitarian activist who travels to war zones, conflict countries to capture history in its making. Abid's work is in the heart of frontline humanitarian crises. He has produced documentaries on The Balkans, Lebanese and Palestinian refugee camps, Ethiopia to Sudan. Abid also captures the destruction post natural disasters in developing countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kashmir.

Most recently Abid captured the scale of mass destruction sweeping across Syria with live footage under bombardment. Abid has been commissioned by many charity organisations and production companies. Abid witnessed and capture live of the breaking siege on the infamous mavi marmara, the ship was attacked by the Israel defense forces in 2010 as part of a greater flotilla of ships heading to break the Gaza blockade. During this event Abid witnessed the sad loss of nine fellow activists where shot dead on the ship. Whilst the rest including Abid were subjected to arrest and detention in Be'er sheva Prison, Israel. Upon his release in 2011 Abid Directed and released a documentary called "A Dummies Guide to Palestine" successfully aired on Press TV.


  • "BNP Muslims" - aired on satellite television, a thought provoking documentary hosting Tre Azam - from The Apprentice.
  • 'Makka Twin Peaks' - a documentary on Saudi Arabia's two famous mountains in 2012
  • 'Largest Convoy to Syria' - A Syrian Documentary where Abid and team members escaped death more than once while filming in the heart of aleppo when helicopters threw barrel bombs during filming of a charity distribution in 2013.

Abid is also the Head of Productions for 'MyndPlay', attracting global attention with support / interest of HSBC, Nissan, Warner Brothers And Universal studios for Hollywood. Abid Mahi, is the first filmmaker in history to Direct an interactive film. A style of filming which is purely controlled by the mind wearing an EEG MyndPlay headset. And has successfully completed over 5 interactive short movies for the gadget device.


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