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Abinta Kabir Foundation is a non-government organisation officially launched on 4 March 2017.[1] The foundation was established to honour the aspirations of late Abinta Kabir (27 February 1997 – 1 July 2016),[2] who was killed in the July 2016 Dhaka attack.[3][4]

Inception and Vision

Examination of Kabir’s writing after her demise revealed her intentions of starting an NGO. Her words motivated her family to follow through with her vision which was elaborated throughout her essays.[5] With Kabir’s core values in mind, the foundation strives to preserve her spirit through their work. Therefore, Abinta Foundation is looking to provide support to impoverished families, children in need of education, acid victims and aspiring athletes. [6][7][8]


The inauguration ceremony to launch the foundation on 4 March 2016 was attended by those closest to Kabir and her family alongside high profile officials. Respects were paid through emotionally charged speeches that spoke about Kabir’s potential and now the potential of Abinta Foundation.[9] US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat said, “Abinta could have gone on to do anything with her life that she chose to do. She had a drive to make the world and Bangladesh in particular a better place. However, even in her absence, Abinta is making the world a better place, she said, adding, “Please let us join together to make the world a better place Abinta dreamed it can be.”[10] Later on 8 July 2017, Abinta Foundation inaugurated its office on Pragati Sarani in Dhaka, Bangladesh.[11]

Current work

A focal point of Abinta Kabir Foundation is spreading education through schools, therefore, a new model school of the Abinta Kabir Foundation was opened in Dhaka’s Vatara area on 5 July 2017.[12] The Foundation established five schools in Natore earlier this year in February.[13] The Abinta Kabir Foundation assisted in setting up a modern computer facility with a photo archive in memory of Abinta Kabir in University of Dhaka (DU). DU Vice Chancellor AAMS Arefin Siddique inaugurated the “Abinta Cyber Centre and Archive” that is to be used by students and members of the arts faculty.[14][15] Athena Gallery of Fine Arts, first opened in 2012, was renamed to Abinta Fallery of Fine Arts to serves as a cultural and educational center, with frequent exhibitions, seminars, workshops and other activities open to all enthusiasts.[16][17][18][19]

Acid Survivors Foundation received Pressure Garment from Abinta Kabir Foundation as donation for the support of acid and other burn violence. These pressure garments are expected to benefit about 300 survivors of acid and others burn violence approximately1000 times in the next two years.[20] Not just limited to helping acid victims, the foundation also donated four neonatal incubators to the Dhaka Shishu (Children’s) Hospital.[21] Marcia Bernicat, US Ambassador, stated, “I have to say the foundation and everyone who is working for it, especially Abinta’s mother Ruba, are very fortunate because Abinta left this amazing road map of what her dreams were and what she wanted to see done,”[22]


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