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ActivTrak is an online employee monitoring software developed by Birch Grove Software, Inc.[1]


Birch Grove Software is a privately held company founded by CEO Herb Axilrod in Dallas, Texas in 1995.[2] The ActivTrak service was originally available in 2008 as LAN based, but eventually moved to the cloud.[3]


ActivTrak is a freemium product. The standard service includes an installation agent for three workstations, which, once loaded, begins monitoring websites visited and applications used, and how many minutes were spent on each page or app. The data is then recorded and uploaded via secure cloud storage for employer review.[4][5] The free version allows for the storage of up to 3GB of data for three workstations.[6] It is available for both Microsoft Windows and macOS operating systems.[7][8]

Awards and Distinctions

In May 2013, ActivTrak was named #1 on Top Five Freeware’s Top “Top 5 Best Free Employee Monitoring Software for Windows.” The accompanying article noted its ability to effectively monitor employee system usage.[9] ActivTrak was also listed in Network World’s “Fave Raves: 34 tech pros share their favorite IT product” and as one of “Tech pros' favorite tools increase IT efficiency.”[10][11]


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