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Adisa Kabiru
File:Adisa Kabiru Kulukulu.jpg
Adisa Kabiru
Born Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu
(1975-01-20) January 20, 1975 (age 46)
Iwo, Nigeria
Residence Iwo, Nigeria
Alma mater Iwo Grammar School, Osun State Polytechnic
Spouse(s) Template:Marriage
Children 5
Parents Template:Ubl

Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi Kulukulu, FCA, is a Nigerian Humanitarian and Accountant. Adisa was born on January 20, 1975 in Iwo, Nigeria. Adisa has worked as a Chartered Accountant for multiple businesses in Nigeria, although, he is more well known for his charitable works, founding of organizations, and acts of community service. Some of the notable things that he has been involved in include the distribution of medicine[1], the leading of a group whose aim is to find the next Osun Governor[2], and his appearance on the show Airtel Touching Lives.[3]

Personal Life

Adisa is married to Mrs. Ganiyu Wakilat Aderonke and together they have had five children: Ahmad Abdulkabir Adisa, Mordiyah Abdulkabir Kehinde Adisa, Rodiat Abdulkabir Taiwo Adisa, Muhammed Abdulkabir Adisa, and Alli Abdulkabir Adisa.

Early Life

Adisa Kabiru was born on January 20, 1975 to Alhaji Abdulamid Adisa Kulukulu and Mrs. Abdulamid Khadijat Abeki. His name, which is the Arabic version of Abdulkabir, means "the greatest among the worshipers of God". Kabiru was his father's twenty-eight child. His father, Alhaji Abdulamid Adisa Kulukulu, was a businessman who died at the age of 92. As a child, Kabiru attended the Baptist Day School in Oke Odo, Iwo, Nigeria between 1979 and 1985. He later proceeded to go to the Iwo Grammar School. While he was there, he achieved very good grades in multiple classes, multiple years in a row. Afterwards, he gained admission into Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Nigeria, where he was awarded the National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Accountancy in 1995 and 1998 respectively. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). Kabiru is a community developer, although, he is often called community servant (CS). He founded a non-governmental organization,Guildance Community Development Foundation[4] on 10th October, 2000 to care for orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria. He is also the founder of Kabee Luxury Intercontinental Limited[5], Kabiru Muyiwa Ventures[6] and Alli Iwo Nigeria Limited[7]. Kabiru brought like minds together to found the Iwoland Development Coalition[8] on 29th August, 2014 to champion the developmental program in the Iwo, Aiyedire, and Ola Oluwa Local Governments.

Awards and honors

Kabiru has won several awards, among them are:[9][10]

  1. The Federation of Iwoland Student’s Union (FILSU) National Headquarters Award as Outstanding Community Developer Award - 21st November, 2015.
  2. Iwo Action Council (IWAC) Son of the Night Award - 19th December, 2015.
  3. Islahudeen Society of Nigeria Akeukewe Youth Wing Award as ‘The Yolk of Muslim Ummah’ - 27th December, 2015.
  4. Institut Littoral des Etudes Professionnelles Supérieures (ILEPS) Littoral University, Porto Novo Award of Excellence in recognition of contribution to humanity - 4th June, 2016.
  5. Thought For Food (TFF) Ambassador - 27th July, 2016.
  6. International Chartered World Learned Society: Award as the Community Ambassador of the 21st Century - 17th September, 2016
  7. Food Revolution Ambassador of Jamie's Food Revolution - 23rd September 2016.
  8. Airtel Nigeria Touching Lives Award winner, Season One in 2014.
  9. Rotary Club of Ikire: Award of Excellence in Humanitarian Services and Community Development - 12th November, 2016.


File:Adisa Kabiru Adeniyi.jpg
Adisa Kabiru in May, 2015

As an adult, Adisa became an accountant at the Dana Pharmaceutical Company in July 2005. Subsequently, he served as the Senior Accountant at Satec Nigeria Limited, as well as the Deputy Executive Officer for Zoom Mobile Nigeria Limited (RELTEL Wireless). During this time, he became qualified as a Chartered Accountant. After this, he also worked as a cost accountant for Invent Media, a finance manager for Solid Homes Limited, and a management accountant for Dangote Cement's Plc-Ibese Plant.[11]


Adisa donated hospital equipment in partnership with Airtel Touching Lives, and the Iwoland Community, constructed a clinic in the Akinbami village, Osun State, Nigeria. In partnership with Vitamin Angels and the Guildance Community Development Foundation, Vitamin A and Albendazole ware donated and administered to children from the ages of 0 to 5 years in the Akinbami village. Adisa, successfully organized a Widows Empowerment Capacity Building with the theme "Reaching out to the Poorest of the Poor". Items like sewing machines, hairdressing dyers, corn/pepper grinding machine, school bags, ointments, cloths, health books, and other vocational materials were distributed on 13th May, 2017 at Iwo City Hall, Osun State in collaboration with the Iwoland Development Coalition, Rai Foundation, Team Olodo Oba, and the Olawale Rasheed Foundation.[12]

Opinion on Restructuring Nigeria/ True Federalism

Kabiru strongly believes that restructuring Nigeria is a way to go as many States in Nigeria are not viable, not sustainable and cannot pay workers salary, pension and gratuity. He is of opinion that there is no need for bicameral National Assembly in Nigeria, if the call for restructuring is to see the light of the day, Regional Assembly will be checks and balances on the unicameral National Assembly on issues and functions being performed by upper and lower houses. Doing this will go a long way in reducing the cost and closer engagement to the people. He is of opinion that true federalism is the solution to Nigeria's problem[13]


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