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Musical artist
Adorned in Ash (AiA) is a female fronted South African Christian Metal band from Pretoria, South Africa, formed in 2008. AiA is active in the live metal scene in Southern Africa and released their debut album, 'The Dead Walk Among Us' on 1 February 2014.


Formation and background (2008–2009)

Adorned in Ash was formed by drummer Mark Ivey and vocalist Marius Visagie in October 2008 with the aim to deliver a Christian Metal band at the extremes of various subgenres of metal including (but not limited to) Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Tech Metal and Progressive Death Metal. The band is decidedly Christian and all lyric themes are based on life experiences of band members, current affairs regarding faith, relationships with Jesus Christ and issues regarding faith versus organized religion. The original lineup consisted of Mark Ivey and Marius Visagie who approached good friend and guitarist Christo Visser to be guitarist for AiA in October 2008. In March 2009 Gideon Jones was recruited as second guitarist, followed by Shane Minne on Bass in September 2009.

The death of Christo Visser (b. 20 February 1990, d. 5 October 2009) and member changes (2009–2012)

After having been a full band for one week Christo Visser was tragically killed in a freak motorcycle accident at the age of 19. After a period of two months wherein it was uncertain whether the band would continue after his death, the band decided to continue and recruited Robyn Ferguson to fill the position of second guitarist (December 2009). In February of 2010 the band had their first live performance. In June 2010 bassist Shane Minne left the band and was replaced by Ryhno von Hagen, whose first
Mark Ivey live with Adorned in Ash
Robyn Ferguson Live with Adorned in Ash
Robyn Ferguson applying the vocal skills taught by Melissa Cross
Marinus Terblanche performing live with Adorned in Ash
Leon van Rensburg live with Adorned in Ash in 2014
gig with the band was to open for Becoming the Archetype at a performance during their South African tour. In January 2011 guitarist Gideon left the band and was replaced by guitarist Jacques du Toit in March 2011. During April of 2011 vocalist Marius left the band due to personal commitments. After unsuccessful attempts to find a worthy replacement to Marius' vocal style, guitarist Robyn Ferguson stepped up and "shocked the band" with her hidden vocal talents. She was appointed guitarist and lead vocalist in April 2011. In March 2012 both guitarist Jacques du Toit and bassist Rhyno von Hagen left the band due to personal and work commitments with only Mark Ivey and Robyn Ferguson remaining. After a period of personal tragedy, illness and lack of band members it was decided that AiA would "forge ahead in faith!". In May 2012 bassist Marinus Terblanche joined the band, followed by guitarist Leon van Rensburg one week later to form the current lineup.


Robyn Ferguson mainly uses The Zen Of Screaming as her vocal training. This is a series of instructional DVD's and online-tuition by Melissa Cross aimed at "unclean" vocal techniques such as growled or screamed vocals found in certain metal subgenres. She also spends a lot of time experimenting and pushing her vocal range, technique and style to get variations of tone, pitch and sustain in the music, ranging from unique death to black metal vocals. Robyn is often asked about her vocal abilities and is very willing to share her technique. She is a strong believer in using the correct technique and working hard at her craft, but most of all she feels blessed with the ability.

Spiritual warfare

Adorned in Ash is known for their use of corpse paint on stage for every show. The corpse paint is a physical representation the spiritual warfare and of going into battle. Except for the 'war paint' they also blow a shofar at every show as a battle cry and a signal of victory over death. This battle and the blowing of the shofar in victory is depicted at the start of every show and has also come to be the intro as first track on the debut album.

'The Dead Walk Among Us' (2011–2015)

After four years in the making, Adorned in Ash launched their debut album 'The Dead Walk Among Us' on the 1st of February 2014 at Metal4Africa's annual Summerfest in the Klein Libertas Theater, Stellenbosch, South Africa. The album was recorded at South African guitar legend Nathan Smith's Open Track Studios in Pretoria. Due to the member changes the album has seen recording work done by all the members from 2010 onward, with selected parts being updated with Robyn's vocals where they were originally performed by Marius Visagie. The album was mixed and mastered by Robyn Ferguson and Adorned in Ash. In the period of 2011 to 2015 Adorned in Ash have been on the line up for various events including being a supporting act for Becoming the Archetype in 2010, Rock Nights at the South African State Theatre in 2012 and 2013, Metal4Africa's Summerfest 2014, Gorofest 2014 in Maputo (Mozambique), Wolmerfest 2014, Emalyth Arts Expo 2012 and 2014 and Witchfest 2015

Adorned in Ash in the media

Radio and television

Adorned in Ash has been active in the local (South African) and international metal scene since 2010 with interviews given on Total Biker FM with Angeless Tbfm WolfHunter Watkins-Gallar and on Mozambican television with Goro Fast whilst visiting Maputo for Goro Fest.[1]

AiA have also had multiple air plays on:

  • Total Biker FM including an on-air interview with Robyn Ferguson - Angeless Tbfm WolfHunter Watkins-Gallar with multiple plays. (Britain)

AiA in other media

AiA has been featured in many publications including the following:

  • Black Apple E-zine: June 2012 p. 24, August 2012 p. 22, November/December 2012 p. 16 [3][4][5]
  • Underground Press 20 November 2013 [6]
  • Fanbase Magazine, issue 34 p. 38 [7]
  • article [8]
  • Brian O'Pines' (Zone Radio) Gig Review of's SummerFest - 3 February 2014[9]
  • Brian O'Pines' (Zone Radio) Interview with Adorned in Ash after SummerFest 2014 – 5 February 2014[10]
  • Press Release to regarding streaming of 'Human Torch' - 21 May 2012[11]
  • Press Release to regarding album launch tour - 7 March 2014[12]
  • Various gig photo's published to[13]
  • Press Release to - Debut Album Orders Open[14]
  • Metal 4 Africa Band Profile[15]
  • Bryn De Kocks Pictorial on Metal4Africa's SummerFest - 7 February 2014[16]
  • Adorned in Ash feature in Underground Press - 9 April 2014[17]
  • Adorned in Ash's Robyn Ferguson features in Forfeit Thee Untrue New Album featured in various print media- 9 April 2014[18][19]

'The Dead Walk Among Us' album cover photo shoot (2013)

The Dead Walk Among Us Photo Shoot Behind the scenes_2013
During April 2013 Adorned in Ash and a group of friends, family and fans got together to do a themed photo shoot for the upcoming album release for 'The Dead Walk Among Us'. The footage was used as pre-launch teasers as well as very prominently on the album cover and in the album booklet. The metaphorical meaning for the dead (they without faith), was taken more literally with the 'dead' being portrayed as zombies creeping ever closer to the band and individual band members. Vlademirovka Photography handled all the work behind the cameras for the album art and the make-up was done by the band and friends. The scene was set in the surrounds near the Jan Smuts House in Irene, Pretoria.

Award nominations and acclaim

  • Adorned in Ash were nominated for three awards in the inaugural South African Metal Music Awards held on 8 February 2014:[20] including Best Live Act, Best Vocalist - Robyn Ferguson, and Best Black Metal Band - Even though the band themselves don't regard themselves as being a Black Metal band, but rather a hybrid of various subgenres.
  • Adorned in Ash were also nominated for awards in the 2015 South African Metal Music Awards including Best Death Metal Act and Best Music Video.
  • Adorned in Ash were lauded by metal legends Agro as being among the cream of the crop of South African Metal.[21]


  • SA Alternative Ministries - A View At Ministering Outside The Conventional Church featuring a live performance of 'Rendered Innocuous' from AiA's album 'The Dead Walk Among Us'. This DVD video was released by SA Alternative Ministries in 2013 and was distributed worldwide.
  • Broken Glass Reflection Official Music Video, produced by Art Of Breathing and Adorned in Ash, featuring Adorned in Ash and Cindy Pretorius from The Outsider Girls (TOG) (Released 30 January 2015).


Studio albums

'The Dead Walk Among Us' album track listing

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Internet samplers / singles

  • Evangelion pre-production version released by Adorned in Ash in 2011
  • Broken Glass Reflection pre-production version released by Adorned in Ash in 2011
  • Human Torch Final version released by Adorned in Ash in 2013
  • Gloria In Excelsis Deo released by Adorned in Ash as a limited number Alliance Exclusive download in 2014

Band members

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Current members


Former members

  • Christo Visser (born 1990, died 2009) − Guitar (2008–2009)
  • Shane Minne − Bass Guitar (2008–2010)
  • Marius Visagie − Lead vocals (2008–2011)
  • Gideon Jones − Guitar (2008–2011)
  • Jacques du Toit − Guitar (2011–2012)
  • Ryhno von Hagen − Bass Guitar (2010–2012)


Touring and session members
  • Bassist Shane Minne played one show for Adorned in Ash during 2012 after the departure of Ryhno von Hagen.


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 id:Guitar value:Green  legend:Guitar
 id:Bass   value:Blue   legend:Bass
 id:Drums  value:Purple legend:Drums
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BarData =

 bar:Mark   text:"Mark Ivey"
 bar:Marius  text:"Marius Visagie"
 bar:Christo text:"Christo Visser"
 bar:Gideon   text:"Gideon Jones"
 bar:Shane text:"Shane Minne"
 bar:Robyn    text:"Robyn Ferguson"
 bar:Ryhno  text:"Ryhno von Hagen"
 bar:Jacques   text:"Jacques du Toit"
 bar:Marinus  text:"Marinus Terblanche"
 bar:Leon text:"Leon van Rensburg"


 width:2.5 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 width:10 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 bar:Mark       from:10/01/2008 till:end color:Drums
 bar: Marius   from:10/01/2008 till:04/01/2011 color:Vocals
 bar: Christo   from:10/01/2008 till:10/05/2009:Guitar
 bar: Gideon   from:03/01/2009 till:01/01/2011 color:Guitar
 bar: Shane     from:09/28/2009 till:06/01/2010 color:Bass
 bar: Robyn     from:12/01/2009 till:end color:Guitar
 bar: Ryhno    from:06/01/2010 till:03/01/2012 color:Bass
 bar: Jacques  from:03/01/2011 till:03/01/2012 color:Guitar
 bar: Marinus from:05/01/2012 till:end color:Bass
 bar: Leon       from:05/08/2012 till:end color:Guitar
 width:3.5 textcolor:black align:left anchor:from shift:(10,-4)
 bar:Robyn     from:04/01/2011 till:end color:Vocals
 bar:Marinus  from:05/01/2012 till:end color:Backing_Vocals
 bar:Leon        from:05/08/2012 till:end color: Backing_Vocals



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