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Picture taken by Michael Alston
Picture taken by Michael Alston

Adrian Mendel Holtzman (born August 26, 1985), also known by his nickname 'Adro', is an American entrepreneur, investor, author, and educational speaker from Madison, Wisconsin.

Early Life

Born in Madison, Wisconsin Holtzman attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he studied insurance, finance, and investments. He rose to fame in 2014 with his 420 Investor Tour which took him around the country and gained him a following of millions of people interested in investing in the medical marijuana industry. Holtzman also supports philanthropic efforts to increase financial education of women and children in developing nations by traveling to nations such as India, Mexico, and Haiti to do free educational seminars.

Business Career

In 2004, Holtzman began working in the insurance and financial planning industry at the age of 19 as an agent. He decided to leave his home in Madison to travel around the United States to work in New York, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, and California. Through his travels, Holtzman attended many hip hop concerts and in some cases was introduced to the performers. In 2006, at the age of 21, Holtzman used his newly made connections to start an entertainment company and began managing new artists. He produced concerts around the midwest and toured with artists like, Twista, Lil Wayne, Wyclef Jean, Gorilla Zoe, and Juicy J. During these shows, Holtzman was often the Master of Ceremonies in charge of addressing the large crowds and introducing the performers to the stage, "Doing the concerts taught me how to manage a project and also got me used to talking on stage".[1]

In 2008, amidst the huge financial devastation of the Financial crisis of 2007-08 in the Unites States, Holtzman took what he had learned from working in the insurance and financial industry to start his own financial education company. "So many people had their life savings destroyed, and they had no idea what to do, it really upset me. Financial knowledge and investment strategies is not only for the rich, in fact, people in the middle class could often benefit more from financial education than people who already have a lot of money."[1]

In 2013 the economic aftereffects were still being felt by many state and local governments around the country. This economic pinch was causing many states to consider new ways to increase revenue. The simultaneous growth in popularity and the expansion of the medical research associated with the marijuana plant caused legislators who had once supported the prohibition of marijuana to reconsider their position.

At the beginning of 2014, the state of Colorado controversially legalized the recreational sale and use of approved marijuana from highly regulated dispensaries. The success of the program raised millions of additional tax dollars which had normally gone to underground drug rings. Consequentially, numerous other states have began to take up marijuana legalization legislation which has caused widespread interest in the pharmaceutical and biomedical companies that are doing the research on marijuana.

Holtzman saw financial gains of investing in the medical marijuana industry, "I was able to make a lot of money without having a lot of money because these stocks were considered high risk and were selling for pennies per share. People I knew told me it was risky but I did my research on the top companies in the industry and also read the press releases the mainstream media doesn't promote. I believed in the the marijuana industry".[1]

Holtzman in looking for new ways to expand his audience to reach as many people around the world and share his advice.


"Money In Money Out" (set to be released in Fall, 2014)

Money In Money Out was written by Holtzman to serve the purpose of educating people about personal finance. There are two versions of the book, one printed and on e-book, the goal of the e-book is to be able to offer his his financial tips to people around the globe, especially in developing nations. He refers to it as "a helpful guide for average people to minimize the money they spend and maximize the money they make".[1]


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