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Adrianni Zanatta Alarcón
Adrianni Zanatta Alarcón
Born (1987-11-06) 6 November 1987 (age 33)
Orizaba, Veracruz
Nationality Template:Flag Template:Flag
Alma mater Tecnológico de Monterrey
Awards National Youth Award 2014, Category: Science and Technology,
Inclusion on the Pearl Edition of 30th Anniversary 2012 of Who´s Who in the World,
Inclusion in TOP 100 Engineers 2013 by IBC

Adrianni Zanatta Alarcón (born 6 November 1987- Orizaba Veracruz) is an Italo-Mexican mechatronics engineer[1] and Researcher In materials Science, Medical and Sustainable areas.[2] He is the dean of the Technology Transfer Office of ITESM-Puebla; the first purpose of the office is make innovations in Science and Technology and then transfer the technology protected by Intellectual Property Rights.


He is a mechatronics engineer at ITESM Campus Puebla in Mexico. In the research area he is a colleague of a member of National Research System Level 1 CONACYT. Working in the process to obtain new materials and design in metalmechanic area and medical area with projects such as hyaluronic–hydroxyapatite, metal foam, zinagizado, etc.[3]

Also he studied a specialization at ITESM Campus Monterrey in Intellectual Property, because of their professional activities in the Research and Intellectual Management Office.[4]

Now he is studying a Master Degree at Politecnico di Milano in Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Innovative Technology 2013.


He has developed 19 patents[5] of technological Innovation in Mexico and 8 Trademarks in the manufacturing and medical process. On his credit have 5 paper on International Magazines, 23 papers in national and International Meetings and 10 papers in diffusion magazines. Actually his interest is the research in the process to obtain new materials for the application in medical surgery, principal in Trauma of bones and makes prosthesis. In the metalmechanic area he is working with nanomaterials with superplasticity properties for the automotive industry.[6]

Technological Innovation

Research Lines





Anticorrosive Process Zinagizado [7]

Hyaluronic –Hydroxyapatite for medical uses.[8]

Design a new Neonatal Hydrocephalus Valve [9]

Indexed Publications

Development in a new electrochemical coating process using Zn-Al-Ag alloy and its applications”. BIT’s 1st World Annual Advanced Materials Conference, Junio 6-8, 2012 en Beijing, China.

Microstructural analysis of Al-Mg-Si-Zn alloy "Indexed magazine DYNA, of Facultad de Minas Colombia Nro. 163, Medellín, September 2010. ISSN 00127353" [10]

Zn-Al Foams reinforced with graphite particles International Conference IRF 2009 INTEGRITY – RELIABILITY – FAILURE Porto Portugal, 20–24 July 2009.

Evolution of Zn + NaCl foams, characterization and interconnection in closed cell. Symposium TMS (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society) February 2009, San Francisco California, USA. Suppl. Procc. TMS 3 (2009) 551-556. See Metal foam

(Neonatal Bypass valve for hydrocephalus.) ITESM-Puebla 04-2010-012609475800-102"


This Patents were registered in IMPI.

  • Manufacturing process of porous lightweight materials Zinc-Aluminum-Silver Alloy No. MX/a/2009/003999 [11]
  • Process to get matrices of hydroxyapatite derived of mammalian for biomedical use No. MX/a/2009/004000 [12]
  • Key management device for multipurpose lock. No. MX/a/2010/005641
  • Neonatal Bypass valve of hydrocephalus. No. MX/a/2010/005640 [13]
  • Plastic crusher device of mobile use. No. MX/a/2010/009209 [14]
  • Zinagizado as corrosion process for metals by electrolytic method. No. MX/a/2010/009200 [15]
  • Exergy of the binder for the manufacture of parts and building envelope for residential from calcium carbonate waste. No. MX/a/2011/005414 [16]
  • Method of producing a superplastic material base Ag-Cu with electronic and superplasticity forming. No. MX/a/2011/006506
  • Using the Zinag alloy as sacrificial anode to provide cathodic protection to steel structures. No. Mx/a/2012/007097
  • Plate to stabilize the thoracic cavity in accidents that have partial or complete fracture. No. Mx/a/2011/011115 [17]
  • Clamp type clip for stabilization of the rib in road trauma. No. Mx/a/2011/011117 [18]
  • Redesign of a brick oven with exhaust gas recirculation control pollutants. No. Mx/e/2011/011116
  • Process of development and implementation of a biodegradable shampoo for cleaning cars. No. MX/a/2012/004829 [19]
  • Ergonomic and removable device to set hems of clothing pants. No.MX/a/2012/004831
  • Mechanical process of adding Active solution Agrobiological and / or agrochemicals for plant pests and diseases in a pozzolanic material. No. MX/a/2012/014359
  • Organically enriched electrochemical process and / or inorganically a pozzolanic material for plant nutrition. No. MX/a/2012/014350[20]
  • Thermic energetic catchment system by induction in water containers for housing. No. Mx/a/2013/004027
  • Synergic interconnection system of action in movie theater seats. No. Mx/a/2013/004026
  • Adaptive process of volcanic ash as an abrasive for the textile industry. No. Mx/a/2013/008964[21]


Hidrocefalia – Neonatal.: Un enfoque de aplicación para la innovación tecnológica. (Hydrocephalus – Neonatal.: An implementation approach for technological innovation.) Editorial Académica Española. ISBN 3-659-01618-7. May 27, 2012.[22]

Sustainable Project.

One way to curb the climate change is making some innovations in science, using the basic materials to create an exergy with remains of all the process.

In this case Zanatta is working in a new mixture with white cement and the remains of calcium carbonate produced by the marble industry, in all cut process there are powder of it, about 40 tn, for this industry this product doesn’t work.

With this mixture the innovation consist in three different compositions with different mechanical properties for use in building of sustainable housing. The advantages of this process are: the low cost, the aesthetic finish and terminal properties. This process is a new patent in sustainable process.[23]

Awards and acknowledgements


  • First place in International Expociencias Santiago of Chile August 25-27th. With the project “The future of reconstructive medicine Hyaluronic Hydroxyapatite” in the materials science area [24]
  • First place in the National Contest called Expociencias, by MILSET- RED, November 4-7th 2009, city Puebla, with the project “The future of reconstructive medicine Hyaluronic Hydroxyapatite” in the materials science area. [25]
  • First place in the Regional Contest called Expociencias Puebla, Tlaxcala, Oaxaca, by MILSET- RED, September 3-5th 2009, city Puebla, with the project “The future of reconstructive medicine Hyaluronic Hydroxyapatite” [26]


National Youth Award 2014
  • National Youth Award 2014, Category: Science and Technology. Highest distinction awarded by the Mexican government to youth. [11/20/2014]


  • Researcher linked to a university with the largest number of patents. Awarded by the firm Alta Ventures Mexico under the IncMonterrey meeting, the biggest festival's in Latin America. [08/11/2014][28]
  • Inclusion in TOP 100 Engineers 2013 by IBC.[29]
  • Inclusion in the Pearl Edition of 30th Anniversary of Marquis Who's Who in the World, 2013. Category: Science and Engineering:World Renowned Scientists, Inventors/ Innovators, Architects, and Engineers.
  • President of the specialized group Scienza.
  • Participation in Iniciativa México 2010.
  • Communitarian Social Service
  • Sustainable Campus Project.[30]
  • Participation in different Newspaper, Radio and Television. [31]


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