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Advanced Xoru is an interactive fiction role-playing video game released as shareware by Castle Technologies in 1989.[1]


Text based gameplay featuring an ASCII map

The game is a role-playing game text-adventure, with game mechanics similar to those of Beyond Zork.[2] After naming their character and selecting a character class (Paladin, Necromancer, Barbarian, Zen-Druid Priest, or Shadowy Tracker), the player is transported from an international airport terminal to the interior of a stone pyramid atop a hill surrounded by an impassable stone wall.[3][4] Using text commands, the player has 368 moves to descend through three subterranean levels and defeat the "Ebon Titan."[5]


The game was generally well received, with James Judge of Syntax concluding "As a text adventure this game is average, as a D&D game it is OK and when put together it is fun for the odd foray into the world of Xoru",[5] and Dave Mennell of Red Herring saying "I can highly recommend this game, as it is quite enjoyable to play, and will undoubtedly give many hours of playing time."[6]


The game was available as a BBS door on various bulletin board systems.[7][8]


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