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Musical artist

Afshin Jafari (Template:Lang-fa) known by the mononym Afshin (Template:Lang-fa; born in Babol, Iran on 6 May 1978) is a Germany-based Iranian singer[1] and well-known as an Iranian diaspora international pop star.

Afshin born in Babol moved with his family when he was seven. He started learning the guitar at age 10 and started writing music and lyrics early on. In 1995, his family immigrated to Germany when he was just 17 where they resided in Mannheim. Singing in Persian diaspora events and venues, at 21 he signed a contract with ParsVideo specializing in Iranian music. Afshin incorporated elements of Iranian music and youth-oriented western pop, hip hop and rap music in his songs and launched a number of albums and music videos[2] that became popular in Germany and the Iranian diaspora. He is supported by Taraneh Records and Avang Music. His brother Amir Ali, a rapper, has contributed to some of his more recent releases.[3]

In addition to his shows in Germany accompanied with his German-based band of musicians, Afshin has also toured and sang in more than 300 various occasions in venues in Austria, Belgium, Canada, USA, UK and Scandinavian countries where there are numerous Iranian immigrant communities. His band includes musicians Daniel Schild, Kostas Karagiosidies, Simon Wegerle, Amir DadashPoor, Amirali Armakan, Jens Steffan, Payman barazandeh, Nico Schliemann etc.


Date Album title
Title in Persian language Translation
1999 Booye Baroon
بوی بارون
"Scent of Rain"
2002 Setareh
2003 Aso Pas
آس و پاس
"Dire Strait"
2005 Maach
2008 The Song For X
ترانه‌ای برای ایکس
2013 Gheire Ghanooni



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