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Mohamad Aiman Bin Shahran or commercially known as Aifan Shahran is seventeen-years-old and was born on 17th December 1998 in Hospital Besar Bersalin Pulau Pinang where he is the second child in a family of three siblings to Shahran Bin Hassan, a businessman and Mazna binti Mahmood, a housewife. Aifan Shahran lives in Penang, Malaysia and sometimes in Putrajaya & Johor, Malaysia (Unusually).

Aifan Shahran
Aifan Shahran at Penang Hill
Born Mohamad Aiman Bin Shahran
(1998-12-17) 17 December 1998 (age 22)
Hospital Besar Bersalin Pulau Pinang
Nationality Malaysian
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Occupation Template:Unbulleted list
Years active 2013-present
Religion Islam
Parents Template:Unbulleted list
Relatives Template:Unbulleted list

Early life and education

During his childhood, he was involved in various school activities, including sports and co-curricular activities. He attended his pre-school where he first showcased his early talent at the age of six when he giving hands in helping to developing an official website for his kindergarten’s certificate.

He later attended SK Bukit Gelugor and SMK DHMNA, where he completed his secondary education by 2nd December 2015 with a title of Best Student 2015 in his school. He studying in Business Law, Basic Business International, Basic Business Management, Literature in Language, Commerce Business and Visual & Graphic Art.

He continued his studies in Malaysia Higher Certificate for about a month and further his studies in University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). During his tertiary studies, he was involved in short film maker, photographer, school web-administrator’s and doing some freelance model (some like photoshoot for magazine, online shooping and others.). As student, Aifan Shahran still focused in his study and choose to stop for a while in his carrier until he end up with extremely good certificate.

Blogger career

Aifan Shahran has a blogger where he started in writing his thought using a domain which it is aifanshahran.blogspot.comTemplate:Dead link. He shared lot of thought, motivational speech, tutorial, etc. Also, Aifan Shahran has open a platform where the community can ask him to design a blogspot domain and some others website hosted. Since 2015, the statistic of viewers is increased until Aifan Shahran decided to create a new domain which it is

Youtube career

Aifan Shahran learned how to create a film maker(short film) in 2012 when he was 14 years old, and afterwards began writing a script, direct a film, and edit the footage with his secondary school friends. In March 2013, Aifan Shahran began uploading his first shortfilm name "Gadis Jelmaan" on YouTube. After a while, the production decided to take down the video due to various reasons.

As of 2013, the unfaithful by Rihanna cover music video's is up on the channel with 2,000 views within a week. But, the video turn to private mood due to a consensus by the team maker.

On 2016, a new fresh short film "GMIMA: Guru Membina Ilmu Menyempurnakan Akhlak" has been uploaded in honour of Teacher’s Day celebration and the video is up more than 2 thousands views within 1 month. Other than that, there's more videos have been uploaded in Aifan Shahran's channel on Youtube such as "Nana & Nini" reach more than 17,000 views.

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