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company LLC is an American Business jet Air charter company headquartered in New York City, New York USA. Aircharter LLC is a company formed when the company Flighttime merged with Aircharter in 1991. Aircharter is a broker, and does not own or operate any aircraft. As a broker, Aircharter pools together operators pricing, allowing the customer to choose an aircraft operator.[1] Aircharter LLC currently has 5 offices, in New York, California, France, England, and Morocco.[2][3][4]


Prior to its acquisition, a company called Flighttime was founded in 1985.[5] Flighttime had a database of thousands of aircraft. In 1985, Flighttime treated all of their requests manually, calling various operators and requesting pricing for the customer, until the customer was content with the price given. In 1999, Flighttime was bought by a newly formed company[6] Aircharter LLC, with the intention of automating Flighttime's operations.[7] Wyvern split off into its own company and the rest of Flighttime became Aircharter.[8] Aircharter LLC developed a web booking system for customers to receive quotes and accept or deny bids online in 2002.[9] In 2013, Aircharter LLC released the new eCharterConnect web portal in which customers, brokers, and operators can work together under one system.[3]


Aircharter LLC operates like a broker, serving as a middleman between aircraft operators and customers to search for the best pricing between multiple operators.[1] Aircharter LLC also provides ground transportation services for large groups or VIPs, along with other special requests.

Aircharter's primary activity is private jet rental for customers who do not own but wish to fly in private aircraft. This includes smaller private jet aircraft but also airliner-size aircraft for large groups that want to charter their own aircraft.[10]

Alongside private jet rental, Aircharter develops in-house software[11] for calculating pricing on private jets. Using information from the aircraft owners, the software calculates the estimated price of a trip including fuel fees, takeoff and landing fees, the aircraft's hourly fee, wind changes and a percentage of uncertainty to give the customer a quotation approximating the real price.[12] The software backend is marketed towards other brokers, allowing them to utilize the eCharterConnect software for their own trip requests.[13]


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