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Ajay Ahuja (businessman)

Ajay Ahuja in 2016
Born (1971-12-28) 28 December 1971 (age 50)
Harlow, Essex, England
Nationality British
Alma mater LSE, London
Occupation Author and businessman

Ajay Ahuja (born 28 December 1971) is a British author and buy to let landlord.[1]

Early life

Ahuja was born and raised in Harlow, Essex, attended Stewards Academy, Harlow College[2] and the London School of Economics and went on the become a chartered accountant working for Deloitte.[3] He resigned at age 27 to become an entrepreneur.[4] He says that a miracle metaphysics book he read while in college changed his life.[2]


Ahuja had a starting investment of just £500.[5] He let out his first property in 1997 and he called the profits "beer money".[3] By 2006 he had built up a portfolio of 150 properties worth more than £10m by buying properties with buy to let mortgages and remortgaging these to raise deposits to buy even more properties.[6] In 2005 he was ranked number 7 in the Young Asian Rich List.[7] He was featured in the BBC's Money Programme in connection with the phenomenon called "fly to let" where property investors were investing further afield.[8] By 2015 he owned 200 properties worth £14m[4] however he stated he was selling up and reinvesting in cheaper areas due to tax changes[1]

He has written 15 non-fiction books and 5 novels.[9] His most successful book to date is The Buy To Let Bible which has sold more than 100,000 copies.[1]


Northern Rock

Ahuja was accused of profiting from other people's misery and given nicknames such as "Repo Hunter"[10] and "Property Jackal"[11] for his ruthless approach of buying repossessed homes.[12]

Arson and firearms incident

One of his maintenance men had a gun pulled on him and two of his buy to let flats sustained significant fire damage in 2009 in Helensburgh, Scotland.[13]

Funding cuts for libraries

He was critical about proposed cuts to funding for libraries insisting that the community gets a far greater return from the investment.[2]

Personal life

Ahuja lives with his wife Hana Mayerova at their 6 bed Georgian house in Cambridgeshire.[4] He is the brother of the journalist Anjana Ahuja. He is a keen car collector. His 1995 Bentley Continental R was featured on the front page of Classic Car Weekly.[14]





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