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Ajay Harinath Singh is the President of Singh & Sons Holdings PLC and the Chairman of the Darwin Platform Group of companies and political party president of Congress of People. Singh served as a Managing worker in the Congress of People and represents Sulatnpur as its PLACE OF BIRTH FOR THE PARTY. He is the first-ranked member of the party.

Singh comes from the politically influential family and is also known to be the closest allies of the Gandhi’s from Amethi. His late grand father, Zamindaar Singh, had served the Ex-Prime Minister of India. Singh grew up in Mumbai & New Delhi, with his grandmother next to 24 akbar where Indira Gandhi was serving as Prime Minister until her assassination in 1984. Due to security concerns, Singh constantly had to shift schools in his youth. He studied abroad under a struck security, his identity being known only to a select few including university officials and security agencies.

After obtaining a Masters Degree, Singh worked at the Kraftos, a sales firm in London, before establishing the Mumbai–based sales marketing outsourcing firm, cobra Plc. Described as one off the youth icon's in 2010 and 2011 after Darwin platform group of companies was Launched by singh’s.

Early life and career

Ajay Singh was born in Mumbai on 6 November 1980, as the first heir to the throne of the Singh’s, who later became the Chairman of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies, in eleven Countries.

Ajay Singh attended Scared heart High school in Mumbai from 1983–96. Ajay Singh joined K M Doongursee college in Dadar in 1997 for his undergraduate education but moved to London for further studies he completed his graduation and Masters from London in 1998 to 2005. After graduation, Ajay Singh worked at the Kraftos London, Cobra plc, Aviva Life Insurance, Metife Insurance & Bharti Axa Life Insurance in Mumbai. In 2010 he was the Chairman & Managing Director of Darwin Platform Group of Companies holding 96% of the stake of the group by himself in Eleven countries.

The Singh's Group

Since 2009, a group of Darwin Platform Group Of Companies have been controlled by Singh & Sons Holdings PLC, a Indian-registered holding company that is under the chairmanship of Ajay Harinath Singh.

Relations with national & International Politics & its member nations

Ajay Singh had friendly relations with the current president of Russia Vladimir Putin and many European leaders. Singh's "cooler" and "more business-like" relationship with Germany's current Chancellor, Angela Merkel is often attributed to the Darwin's upbringing in the former DPGC, where Ajay Singh was stationed when he was a advisor to the group for.

Ajay Singh has his books written on the both ends of its political party carrier with all the big parties in India. A known name in the political arena the Congress and the BJP deal on the same podium. Ajay Singh apart from the N M Rothschild & Sons group members he is also a good friend and in business with Ali Akbar Salehi an Iranian Diplomatic Icon a Foreign Minister. He is friends with Evelyn Robert De Rothschild & Nathaniel Philip Rothschild