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Ajay Marshal
Born (1991-02-21) 21 February 1991 (age 30)
Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka, India
Residence Bangalore, India
Ethnicity Karnataka Tamil
Occupation musician, engineer, film maker, performing artiste, dancer, actor, writer, environmental activist and a political critic.
Years active 1991 – present
Religion Agnostic
Parents Marshal SC (Father)
Shanthi Marshal (Mother)

Ajay Marshal is an Indian first generation musician, engineer, film maker, performing artiste, dancer, actor, writer, environmental activist and a political critic.[no citations needed here] Born on February 21, 1991, in Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka state, India,[no citations needed here] he did his schooling from St.Joseph's Indian High School, Bangalore[no citations needed here] and graduated as an Bachelor of engineering from School of engineering and technology-Jain University.[no citations needed here]

Personal Life

Ajay was born on 21 February 1991 at Kolar Gold Fields as a son of Marshal,[no citations needed here] who hails from a Tamil Catholic background[no citations needed here] and his wife Shanti, coming from an orthodox Hindu family. As he grew older, he was surrounded by polytheist pluralistic thoughts.[no citations needed here] He is the first son in the family and has a younger brother by name, Vijay Marshal. Ajay was baptised into Roman Catholic Church like any other Catholic Christians. Ajay grew up as an atheist initially and later turned agnostic. Ajay chose to be a vegan later in life.



Ajay graduated from School of Engineering and Technology-Jain University with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He was recruited to work with Otis Elevator Company as a Graduate Engineer Trainee.[no citations needed here] After two and a half years, Ajay Marshal moved out from the company seeking opportunities elsewhere.[no citations needed here]


Ajay Marshal grew up getting influenced from church music and also influences from his own family, as some of his relatives were musicians.[no citations needed here] Ajay started drumming at a very young age. He has opportunities to perform rhythms since class 3.[no citations needed here] Ajay joined the church choir at Holy Ghost Church, where he found his first teacher Mr.steven.[no citations needed here] Ajay played for many bands since his school days.[no citations needed here] He was a part of rock bands at school and had found his own rock band -Firebrand at school when in class 9.[no citations needed here] Ajay moved from secular performances and started performing for Church Gospel bands until he turned agnostic.[no citations needed here] restore if you have a citation only --> Ajay played for Agnii, during its inception, an entertainment group which performed Fire Dances and Drum Circles using African instruments. Ajay performed for various stage shows along with Agnii and John Devaraj. Ajay Marshal later started his own music team called Cruze Beats.[no citations needed here] Cruze Beats - a name that has established itself as an multi-talented[no citations needed here] team which is known to perform drum jam(rhythm jam) in its own creative style. Motivated by a passion for making people happy through rhythm and a faith in the power of drumming, Ajay founded Cruze Beats.


While pursuing his second year engineering, Ajay Marshal is supposed to have been into a romantic relationship with one of his college mates, who was a senior by 3 years. Supposedly the relationship didn't last. This led to deep emotional controversies in his life. Ajay started recording his major life events with his uncle's camera. Later it turned into an interest, as his interests were diverse as they can be. Film Making and music are his forte as is juggling the theories of mechanics. Ajay strongly felt that low budget films with a message can be produced if one is open to ideas and unusual methods. Ajay produced various short films during his college days.[1] Ajay travelled showcasing his films to various audiences.[2] All his films are based on social and environmental issues.[3][4] Ajay Marshal made Boondh, the idea for which struck while going through a magazine were he chanced upon an advertisement for a film festival with the theme, ‘Voices for Water.’ It struck him that the society is often being plagued by water scarcity in India. Budget for this film was an astonishing Rupees 2000 confides the then budding techie with an artistic streak. He combined his knowledge of engineering and a little out of box thinking to create his shooting equipment. Interestingly, Ajay used a still Nikon Coolpix camera(which he borrowed from his actor friend Rohit Gangaraju) with a video mode to shoot the entire film. A drawer at home which he covered with leather became his bass instrument while mosquito nets were put on the stand.Boond revolves around the concept of a world without water and applies the theory of the Survival of Fittest. In the entire water starved world there are only two people alive, a child and a man. The child walks miles in search of water. The film features a confrontation between the man and child because of a few drops of water. He brings out the irony of life where compassion takes place of a ruthless streak in a man who no longer cares if he hurts a child because water is an unattainable commodity.Apart from penning the script, Ajay has also composed music for it with the help of his musician friend Jeswill and yes, acted. One particular scene required a half-naked tribal beside a river. Since no one was interested, he removed my shirt and asked his friend to shoot. Boond has been screened at several schools in Bangalore creating awareness on water scarcity.Even though Boond was the first film that Ajay sent to a film festival, his interest in film making was kindled when he was in the first year of his studies.[5]Most of Ajay’s films are based on social issues. He feels films are powerful media.He uses his talents as a musician to fund the films. The first time Ajay combined his film and his drumming was during the very first screening of his film.[6][7]

File:Ajay Marshal 2015.jpg
Karnataka Lalitha Kala Sangha-Federal Mogul Goetze India Limited felicitates Ajay Marshal

Ajay Marshal, got felicitated by the Federal Mogul (Goetze) India Limited for Excellence in Music and Film Making on the occasion of Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations conducted at Town Hall on 13 November 2011 by Karnataka Lalitha Kala Sanga. The felicitation was for making the film 'BOONDH' and designing his own percussion instrument called CRUZE BEAT for CRUZE BEATS BAND. New Horizon Group felicitated Ajay Marshal for his work in creating Boondh and starting the Save Nature Campaign, by which he screened his film and conducted various awareness programs at rural and private school in South India. Eventually, Ajay was roped in Shankar Rajkumar of 'Swan Productions' for the internationally acclaimed short film-Human Eclipse[8].Human Eclipse is a short film that aims to capture the audience attention to the social injustice prevalent in society. A story of an OUTCAST.[9] The entire film is shot thru Neo Realism style of film making.The entire film was shot on location with the use of real characters, as opposed to actors, gives the film the grittiness of reality.[10][11]

Performing Artiste/Actor/dancer

Ajay Marshal is also a stage performer. Ajay was a part of a street play team-Nuts Bolts and Screws, founded by his friend Ajay Samson. Ajay Marshal was involved in acting since his school days. Ajay has performed at various plays. He was a part of the dance team from Karnataka that has participated in Oasis Cultural Fest at Pilani, Rajasthan. Ajay has is various dance performances videos on his own channel on YouTube.[12]


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