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Akhtar Ali Kureshi[1] a Pakistani lawyer appointed as Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan on 20th July, 2014 by the President of Pakistan was born & grown up in Lahore, Pakistan on November 15, 1963. He is a Law Professor, Writer & Columnist.

Akhtar Ali Kureshi has previously served as Assistant Advocate General Punjab from April 2003 to June 2009, and the first ever legal advisor to the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab from 1998 to 2000 and also served as Syndicate advisor to Pakistan Civil Service Academy DMG Campus Lahore from 24th March 2009 to 2010.

Early life & Education

Mr. Kureshi was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan, born in the family of businessmen. He was the first to opted to become a professional lawyer in his family and created a milestone for others family members to follow. He remained an active social worker in his youth. He completed his education from Punjab University Lahore, M.A.Political Science in 1990, & LL.B. from pioneer Punjab Law College in 1989 and American History Course from Lahore American Center. Mr. Kureshi was awarded a commendation certificate by the Superintendent of Lahore Police for rendering valuable assistance to local police to maintain Law and Order.

Professional Life

He joined legal profession as an Advocate[2] in June 1990 whereas he joined in July 1992 the Legendary Chamber of Barrister Ijaz Hussain Batalvi and remained there till last breath of Barrister Ijaz Hussain Batalvi,[3] i.e. 7 March 2004. During this period, he appeared in No. of famous case in which Constitutional interpretation and emerging Law points were involved. Famous case of former President Rafiq Tarar, when ruling party PML nominated him for Presidency and Acting Chief Election Commissioner Mukhar Ahmad Junaijo rejected his nomination Papers on the ground of criticizing of Judiciary leaving PML sitting Government in deserted position as there was no covering candidate.(PLD 1998 Lah 461) Mr. Batalvi and Akhtar Ali Kureshi challenges his rejection in the Lahore High Court and matter was referred to Full Bench, headed by of Mr. Justice Malik Muhammad Qayyum and after arguing many days his case was accepted and Mr. Rafiq Tarar was allowed to contest the election where he won and become the President of Pakistan till his removal by the Dictator General Musharaf when he was going to India on State visit. Similarly Mr. Kureshi played a vital role in the case of Sh. Rashid acquittal when Benazir regime convicted him for Ten years for illegal possession of a Kalashankof (PLD 1996 SC 168 titled as “Sh. Rahseed Ahmed vs. The State”).

Tehmina Dowltana case in which she married to Mr. Wahalla without taking divorce from his first husband and matter was reported to the Police who registered a criminal case against sitting M.N.A. Mr. Kureshi[4] managed her bail from High Court. The famous Chnga Manga case in which No. of sitting MPA were taken to Changa Manga and detained there till show of power in Punjab Assembly when move of no confidence is on table, Mr. Batalvi assisted by Mr.Kureshi[5] got the Court order to defuse the political turmoil. Dissolution of Punjab Assembly by the Governor Ch.Altaf Hussain and Full Bench of Eleven Judges was constituted where Mr. Kureshi[6] appeared with Mr.Batalvi. Mr.Ghulam Haider Waiee and Manzoor Ahmad Watoo legal battle an other mile stone in the legal history when both were dragon drawn to get CMship of the Punjab and matters were being legally designed in the Chamber of Mr.Batalvi and Mr.Kureshi[7] was playing an Important role to strike the legal options.

Thereafter Mr.Kureshi appointed as Assistant Advocate General Punjab 2003-2009 by the Governor of the Punjab where he appeared hundreds of cases in Hon'le Supreme Court of Pakistan by defending Government of the Punjab, the cases were reported in Law Journal, like PLD, SCMR, P.Cr.L.J. and CLC etc. Earlier to this Mr. Kureshi was appointed first ever legal Advisor of Punjab Assembly in 1998-2000 where he worked with the Speaker Punjab Assembly by providing him legal assistance and consultancy on the Speaker's Rulings. Mr.Kureshi also served as Goodwill Ambassador of Lahore High Court Bar Association 2012-2013 [8] and represented the Bar in various Conferences and Seminars. Mr. Kureshi has commitment to reform in legal as well as Judicial System of Pakistan as there are so many hurdles in the way of getting Justice which is about to collapse as it needs drastic and revolutionary changes to deliver justice and present system is manual and symbol of nineteen century creating frustration in the Society. Now Mr. Kureshi[1] is member of the Team of Mr. Ashtar Ausaf Ali[9] Khan Attorney General[10] for Pakistan[11] and serving as Assistant Attorney General for Pakistan[12] and defending Federation of Pakistan in Supreme Court of Pakistan and in the Lahore High Court, Lahore.

Blessings of Great Batalvi

Now Mr.Kureshi[13] is survivor of Barrister Ijaz Hussain Batalvi's legacy and boosting his values which are assets for legal fraternity and blessings for young lawyers. Akhtar Ali Kureshi has strong passion of law teaching inherited from Mr. Batalvi to transfer to younger generation what he has earned from High Court, Supreme Court and legal stalwarts and remained associated with famous Law Colleges like Punjab Law College, Superior College of Law, where he teaches Constitution and Constitutional history of Pakistan in a friendly ambience to attract the students indulgence. He also delivers special lectures on the emerging law points. Mr. Batalvi was a real gentleman, outclass Barrister, great Law Professor and sober mentor.

Who'sWho in the World

Name of Mr.Kureshi appeared as a subject of biographical record in Marquis Who's Who in the World[14] 18th edition in 2001. Inclusion of which is limited to those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their own fields of endeavor and who have, thereby, contributed significantly to the betterment of contemporary society. On the same edition 2001 The President of Pakistan's name was also published.

Writer & Columnist

Mr.Kureshi is a regular columnist as he expressed his views through his articles as more than one hundred article on current as well as legal burning issues, were published in the National News Papers like The News, Dawn, Nation, Jang,The Law and Nawa-i-waqt. He established his point of view as a reformer to make improvements in the present system which can deliver, particularly the Judicial system of Pakistan is suffering from heavy shortfall of justice. His articles/columns are available at his Google Blog. Doctrine of necessity, "A Fake Cavalcade etc.". A Tribute to Ijaz Batalvi and Appointment of LHC judges.

Social Worker

Mr. Kureshi spent a big part of his youth as a social worker by contributing to the poor class of the society. He remained Joint secretary and General Secretary of Social Welfare Society Lahore, which had a manifesto to give free books to the poor students and other essential things to the needy person. It also built a free medical dispensary and an ambulance service. He is also a member of Focus Pakistan[15], WWF Pakistan & Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.[16] leading NGOs of Pakistan.


He has Fellowship of prestigious Institutions & Organization, 1-International Bar Association, London. 2-American Bar Association, Chicago. 3-Commonwealth Lawyers Association, London. 4-Lawasia Australia. 5-Supreme Court Bar Association. 6-Lahore High Court Association. 7-Lahore Bar Association. 8-WWF Pakistan. 9-Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. 10-Focus Pakistan.12-Asia Foundation. 13-The Citizens Foundation

Personal Life

He is happily married to Khadija Kureshi with an elder daughter Dua Kureshi, student in Government College University (GCU) and son Waleed Kureshi pre-engineer student FC College, Lahore and Hafiz Umar Kureshi. Mr. Kureshi is keen Golfer,[17] best swimmer,[18] horse Rider/polo player[19] and skeet shooter.[20] having passion of reading & Travelling.

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