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Musical artist

AlanAsound (born Alan Audrain on 8 January, previously known as "'Alan A.'"), is a London-based French singer-songwriter. He released in 2009 his first album Ambiguity, followed by an advent calendar album called Advent in 2012. He released his last and third album Astray on 8 January 2015, on his birthday, after releasing most songs as singles over 2014.

Early life

AlanAsound was born in Nantes, France and was raised in Notre-Dame-des-Landes, by his father Christian and mother Marie-Madeleine along with sisters Chrystèle and Nathalie.[no citations needed here] His whole family, apart from his father who died in 2001, still lives there.[no citations needed here]

He studied in nearby town Blain, Loire-Atlantique and started taking singing lessons when he was 16. After completing his Baccalauréat, he moved to the nearby city of Nantes, where he studied English and American Language and Literature for a year.[no citations needed here] He then moved first to Paris and then to London, UK in 2004, working in department store Selfridges, as a cabin crew for Eurostar and for Apple Inc., and several restaurants and bars.[no citations needed here]

Music career

After several years taking singing lessons and writing songs, Alan met Frank Shooflar, drummer of Metal band Blessed by a Broken Heart when spending six months in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Alan and Shooflar came up with ten songs and an album introduction, most of which ended on the album Ambiguity. Alan would meet Shooflar in his home studio, sing a song, hum the music and explain the style and sound he had in mind. From this foundation point, they would devise the music in collaboration. Subsequently, Alan would record the vocals, and after the mixing, the song would be ready to be mastered. Through this systematic way of working, Alan and Shooflar produced a new song every time they met. Alan then released the album Ambiguity at the end of 2008, upon his return to Europe. This was followed by a few gigs at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern [1] and Shadow Lounge when Alan came back to London [2][3] In 2012, Alan released Pleasure, taken from album Ambiguity, with a music video shot in Vauxhall, London.[4] A few months later, he released second single from Ambiguity, Come Over, with a music video shot in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada In December 2012, Alan leaked a short song a day, based on the letters of the alphabet until Boxing Day, and released the 26 songs as a second album called Advent in early 2013. On his birthday 8 January 2015, Alan released his third album Astray, an album he had worked on for a few years.

In 2016, Alan A. announced he was changing his stage name to AlanAsound, explaining this was to be easily found on the Internet. AlanAsound had been used as a username on most platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for years, and was a nickname already used by the fans. Searching "Alan A." on Google would come up with different persons named Alan, but "AlanAsound" would show a page with only links related to the singer.


Year Album Single
2008 Ambiguity
2012 "Pleasure"
2012 "Come Over"
2013 Advent
2015 Astray


AlanAsound has been singing since he was a little boy, and was influenced by diverse types of music. When he was still at Kindergarten he would jump on the benches in the schoolyard and sing tunes from the cartoons he would watch originally sung by Claude Lombard. He was subsequently a fan of Elsa Lunghini, Mélody, Ophélie Winter, Spice Girls, and lately Christine and the Queens who is also from Nantes and started her career in London.

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