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Alan "Al" Salehi is an American politician born and raised in Laguna Beach.[1] Salehi moved to Buena Park, California where he created and chair the 39ers, is an organization aiming to direct federal and state funds into economic and security expansion and development along California's Highway 39 (Beach Blvd).[2] He was elected to the Buena Park Library District in 2010 and re-elected in 2014 as a Trustee and Governing Board Member.[3] The Buena Park Library District is a statewide office that is part of the California Special District Association.[4] Salehi is a non-partisan independent officeholder. In 2015, Salehi discovered that elected college board positions were being replaced by appointees.[5] Salehi successfully gathered enough signed petitions from registered voters in his district[6] to force the first ever special election for the North Orange County Community College District.[7] This position was recently vacated by one of Salehi's colleagues, Donna Miller.[8] Salehi is running for office again in 2016 and has received several endorsements.[9] He is the first Iranian-American to be elected into statewide office,[no citations needed here] starting his term on the library board (a statewide office, according to the California Special Districts Association) on December 7, 2010.[10]

Alan Salehi with Prof. Thomas Miller, Lord David Alliance, and Dr. Kamran Broukhim.

Early life and education

Salehi graduated from Laguna Beach High School.[11] He went on to the University of California at Los Angeles studying and completing his degree in Psychology while graduating with honors.[12] He continued to graduate school at the University of Southern California studying Educational Psychology.[no citations needed here] Salehi also graduated from Cypress College with an associate degree in Liberal Arts and an emphasis in Computer Information Systems.[no citations needed here] He went on to invent and patent a technology that is currently being used by Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, and the University of Phoenix.[13]Template:Failed verification He was later appointed chairman of Glancing Interactive Technologies [14]Template:Failed verification whose chief investor is Lord David Alliance, Commander of the British Empire[no citations needed here]. This company develops and maintains intellectual property in the fields of bio and educational technologies. While at UCLA, Salehi became a research analyst and an expert of Iran's government.[15] He is also an adjunct Speech and Debate/Public Policy instructor working under the direction of Thomas Miller at UCLA[16] Salehi eventually appeared as an Iranian-American scholar on Fox News discussing the challenges and opportunities as it relates to peace and economic ties between the US and Iran[17] Salehi also developed treatments as a therapist in pain management an applied biotechnology at UCLA outpatient/urgent care clinic with Kamran Broukhim MD.[18]Template:Failed verification


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