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Born on July 19 in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, Alejandro Torres Menchaca is a Mexican actor and entrepreneur, as an actor he has performed on stages in Hollywood and in Guadalajara and acted in films in the United States as well as Mexico. He has worked with actors and directors such as Academy Award winner Milton Justice, Greek star Yorgos Karamihos, Mexican actress Iran Castillo, Lorenzo Balducci and Tim McNeil. He is also known as an entrepreneur in the informatics field for his work at He studied in some of the most prestigious acting schools in the world and is crossing behind the camera as a director and producer developing his opera prima "REY".

Acting career

By 19 years old Alejandro was gaining popularity writing and performing stand up comedy in Guadalajara. After one of his shows, he was asked to play in his first feature film, 31 Días directed by Erika Grediaga. This jump started Alejandro's acting career, leading him to the professional theatre where he debuted as Michael in Bang! Bang! Estas Muerto at the Pedro Arrupe Theater in Guadalajara.

The success of Bang! Bang! solidified Alejandro's penchant for acting, and soon after closing he moved to Los Angeles to study at some of the best professional acting programs in the world. He began his training at the Lee Strasberg Institute, where he was taught by David Strasberg, followed by the Stella Adler Academy of Acting where he was awarded a full scholarship-an honor Alejandro shares with great actors such as Benicio del Toro and Mark Ruffalo.

During his time in Los Angeles he has performed in acclaimed theatrical productions such as Titus Andronicus, A Vaudeville where he shared the stage with Emmy nominee Sam Marin, Largo Desolato directed by Academy Award winner Milton Justice and Ah, Wilderness!. Alejandro has also acted in several films including Social Norm, Sisters Code, Perception of Art and Retreat Hell.

In 2015 he played the role, Louis Ironson, in Tim McNeil's production of Angels in America a famously challenging character faced with difficult choices in the wake of the AIDS epidemic.

Alejandro stared in the dark comedy Pecado Original a coproduction between Spain and Paraguay where he played the part of Luis Alcon, a Mexican painter that comes into the life of a diplomat couple in the Canary Islands to change the way they think and live. With performances of the Paraguayan Maia Nikiphoroff, the Argentinian Cesar Di Bello and Alejandro Pecado Original premieres in 2016.

Directing career

Alejandro started working as a casting director at the age of 18 at a production company specialized in commercials called Tequila Film. Shortly after he started moving into the film industry participating in the movies 31 Dias and Mariachi Gringo that were shot in Guadalajara while he was studying .

He then moved to LA to pursue his acting career and while he was studying he participated in several projects in order to learn the film process.

He worked in many different departments in various positions from short films to feature films with the goal of integrating them as a director.

He started preproduction for his opera prima REY in February 2016 where he is casting big names of the Mexican Industry in his interpretation of the last hours of the Mexican martyr Anacleto Gonzalez Flores, REY is a story about a man who is persecuted for fighting for religious freedom in the post-revolution in Mexico.


After starting in the film industry and while he was still studying Industrial Engineering at ITESO Alejandro noticed while shooting 31 Dias and Mariachi Gringo the potencial for web applications to help the film process become more efficient and solve production and communication problems.

Then he started designing a web application called "cine24". Few months later he partnered with Alan Orozco who Co-founded, programmed and co-designed the first operating version of this application. A few months later had traveled through Mexico's most important festivals and the application had over 300 users and had great plans for growth but it faced economical difficulties and after a year of opening it was taken down from the internet.


Film Role Year
Pecado Original Luis Alcon 2016
Justice in Partners Cobarde 2016
Perception of Art Robert Shaw 2016
Sisters Code Terry 2015
Social Norm Matias 2015
Retreat Hell Gull Kahn 2015
31 Días Hombre 2013
Noche de Trabajo @YoPixel 2011


Play Role Director Year
Angels in America Louis Ironson Tim McNeil 2015
The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui Bowl / Crocket Susan Vinciotti Bonito 2014
Ah, Wilderness! Nat Miller Bonnie McNeil 2014
Largo Desolato Chap Milton Justice 2014
Titus Andronicus, A Vaudeville Bassianus Alex Aves 2013
Bang! Bang! Estas Muerto Michael Mary Paz Pruneda 2011
Mi Vida Como Fresa Self Diego Cohen 2011


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