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Alfred Tolentino Galura is a Filipino artist from Bacolor, Pampanga. He was born on November 8, 1967. He is now turning 47 years old this year. He graduated high school at Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades in Bacolor, Pampanga, in 1984. In College He studied at University of the Assumption in San Fernando, Pampanga. He took up BS Architecture and graduated in year 1990. Alfred's inspiration to be an artist was his family. He admires his father for his artistic abilities.

In college he passed the time by drawing his fellow classmates and colleagues. He would paint on dried leaves and acrylics. He would then consign them to local shops in the Clark airbase in Angeles, Pampanga. Leaf paintings would be sold with the price of a frame, which at the time he could not afford. Finally the paintings would be brought to Ermita, Manila to be consigned for sales.

While he studied B.S. Architecture, his desire was to take up a Major in Fine Arts - Painting, however had no available opportunities in Pampanga. He then opted not to undergo the Board Exams for Architecture, because he was disinterested in becoming an architect. After graduation, Galura landed an entry level job storyboards at the advertising firm of Avellana and Associates. There he met the Mandrugadas,a group of talented, young artist who unleashed their creative angst after office hours via inuman-cum-pamorningan sessions when they drank, painted, raved and ranted the ungodly hours away. From then on, he had decided to pursue fine arts. Alfred Galura is an obsessive realist; the intricacy one finds in his ballpoint foliages, for instance, suggest both artistic genius and creative madness. Galura and the Madrugadas have since staged four group shows together, earning both of themselves critical praises.

Galura is burdened by family obligations, He traded his Makati job in 1991 for a visual arts post in a large architectural firm in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He has worked on several large accounts interior design plans, including the recreational palladium for Saudi's royal family. Many years before his father also worked in Saudi, painting walls and doing other jobs. [1]

Galura lived in a simple family, in his young age He wanted to become a painter. But his parents insisted that He took up Architecture.

Formal Training

During his elementary days and trade school days, he often sneak out of their building just to attend drafting courses just to watch them work. In his high school days He used to draw and sketch different artworks, He sells them in San Fernando, Pangpanga Clark base to help his family.In College He wanted to get a painting degree but there's no painting course in Pampanga, That's why he attended the University of the Assumption, San Fernando, Pampanga BS Architecture. During his days as an architecture student he spend his free time in drawing his classmates on various papers.This proved his true passion in the field of arts. He graduated in Highschool at Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades in Bacolor, Pampanga.


File:Batanes still life july 15.jpg
29x21in/73.6x53.3cm 140lb/300gsm paper Watercolor 2008

Alfred Galura's works are of fine detail and every work you see is unique like a photographic memory his works mimic real life. His works are inspired by photorealism, Sometimes it is hard to tell whether what you see is a photograph or a painting. But when one draws near to his artwork, you can see fine pencil sketches and paint pigment that are not found in photograph prints. Alfred Galura is a self taught artist. His determination and Interest for the subject brought his skill to a much higher level. [2]

Batanes Still Life

This artwork is made by the artist named Alfred Galura. It is a watercolor artwork entitled Batanes Still Life, It features fruits and different delicacies from Batanes. This was made last 2008. Size: 29x21in/73.6x53.3cm 140lb/300gsm paper [3]

Blue and White Porcelain

File:Blue and White Porcelain feb 21.jpg
21.5x36cm - 8 1/4x14 1/8in Watercolor on 140lb/300gsm paper. February 2014

This a watercolor artwork by Alfred Galura titled Blue and White Porcelain it is a 21.5x36cm - 8 1/4x14 1/8in watercolor on 140lb/300 gsm paper. His works are of fine detail and every work you see is unique like a photographic memory his works mimic real life. In his painting you can see a whole set of china ware and lace table cloth with a blue background on top.

Laces and Dentelles

21x29in/53.3x73.6cm 140lb/300gsm paper Watercolor 2009/2010

This a portrait of a lady featuring her torso surrounded by different kinds of laces in her body. His artwork featured the elegance of a woman it is a monochromatic type of watercolor made by Alfred Galura last July 18th 2009/2010. Size: 21x29in/53.3x73.6cm 140lb/300gsm paper.

Mums (White)

73.6x53.3cms. watercolour 300g/m Posted 27th February 2012 by AlfredGalura's Watercolor

This a watercolor artwork by Alfred Galura made last Feb 27, 2012. His artwork featured White Mums and different kinds of flowers. His artwork symbolizes femininity because of the different flowers painted there. the size of his artwork is 73.6x53.3cms.300g/m

File:Overcast day at Calle Crisologo.jpg
53.3x73.6cm 21.5x29in Watercolor on 140lb - 300gsm paper Nov 2013

This artwork is made by Alfred Galura it is a watercolor artwork entitled Overcast day at Calle Crisologo. The artwork features a vintage house with a "kalesa" outside the house. This was made last November 2013. Size: 53.3x73.6cm 21.5x29in Watercolor on 140lb - 300gsm paper.


1999 Windows Cafe de la Costa St. Makati
2000 Gallery Nine @ SM Megamall
2003 Batanes and Memories Gallery Nine @ SM Megamall
2004 SM Megamall Gallery nine, Mandaluyong, Philippines
2007 Water Works Exhibit Serendra
2008 Glorious Batanes
2011 L'arc en Ciel Atelier
2012 Spring

Group Exhibit
The Blue and Gray "Society of Painters in watercolor
Araceli Dans Group Metropolitan Museum Banko Sentral
L'arc en Ciel Atelier Ayala Museum
Art in the Park Salcedo Village Makati City

2003 One of the top five watercolorists (Kulay sa Tubig)
2004 Runner up at Kulay sa Tubig watercolor competition


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