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Notable work(s) Youth adviser to U.N.

Ali Shahbaz is the first Pakistan Official Youth Delegate to the United Nations. As an advocate of Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development, he has had the honor to be appointed Pakistan's First Government Youth Delegate to United Nations by the Ministry of Environment.[1] His social work and community involvement in his hometown, Lahore is well known. In the summer of 2012, Ali Shahbaz hit national headlines in Pakistan as he succeeded in his struggle to be appointed as a youth ambassador to the United Nations.

Pakistan Youth Ambassador to the United Nations

In June 2012, Shahbaz represented Pakistan in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the Rio+20, whereby he worked with high-profile diplomats, stakeholders, and government representatives.[2] Given his apt skills and stature as an ambassador, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon himself honored Ali Shahbaz for his initiatives on a national and international level. Emerging as an articulate individual at the event, his participation was acclaimed by the international community. He was quoted in the international press as "the softer side of Pakistan".[1][3] Since 2012, Ali has travelled globally as an ambassador for his country's young people.

File:Ali Shahbaz with UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon.jpg
Ali Shahbaz with UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon

Personal Life and Education

Ali Shahbaz is based in Lahore, Pakistan.[4] Having completed his Cambridge International O Level at Beaconhouse School System Garden Town,[5] Ali has spent time in the United States as an Exchange Student. While in the US, he lived with an American host family as an ambassador of his Pakistani culture.[6] Ali has two younger brothers.

File:Ali Shahbaz with HRH Princess Lalla Hasna and Vandana Shiva.jpg
Ali Shahbaz with HRH Princess Lalla Hasna and Vandana Shiva

Advocacy for Sustainable Development and Climate Change

Post-Rio+20, Ali has ventured into his passion for humanitarian work; a vocal voice for Green Economy and Climate Change. Ali has represented young people at several platforms around the globe and continuous to maximise youth participation in policy making bodies. He has been involved in local and global projects to promote environmentalism, advance the cause of sustainable development, youth representation, human rights, inclusive governance, and climate change among other issues.His fearless comments, constructive criticism and thoughtful recommendations on development have been inspired by his commitment for eco-friendly lifestyles.[7]

File:Ali Shahbaz addressing the United Nations Assembly.jpg
Ali Shahbaz addressing the United Nations Assembly
File:Ali Shahbaz working with the United Nations Secretary General.jpg
Ali Shahbaz working with the United Nations Secretary General

Ali has worked with dignitaries including the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna, and international environmentalist Vandana Shiva on matters of sustainable development and youth advocacy.[8]

Role as Youth Ambassador

Talking of nomination of Ali Shahbaz as Youth Ambassador, a policy official said, he represents youth which is the overwhelming segment of country’s population and faces numerous challenges. The official quoted that Ali’s arguments, thoughts and ideas were so convincing and impressive that stakeholders decided to nominate him for Rio+20 to help raise the voice of our youth in front of international community. "Ali Shahbaz is a future leader and I hope his representation at such a global forum will help to flag a positive and soft image of Pakistan, its youth and its potential to the world community", he added.[1][3]

Ali Shahbaz said that more than 60% of Pakistan’s population consisted of youngsters. He said that this overwhelming segment of the population is now facing numerous challenges, which need to be addressed by policymakers. “We need to globally mould our ways to balance our lives for a safer world,” he said.[1][2]

Reader's Digest Asian of the Year 2012 Honourable Mention

On account of his advocacy, Ali Shahbaz has received an Honourable Mention as Reader's Digest Asian of the Year 2012.[9][10] His narrative was published by the international magazine to earn support for his efforts for environmentalism. Ali is the only young person under-18 years of age to be featured on the magazine under such a prestigious title.

Blogging and Cultural Exchange

Ali has been a Cultural Ambassador to the United States as an exchange student, exploring various facets of the United States Culture and Society. Ali also blogs at[11] and he tweets @Aalishahbaz.[12] Regarding political correctness as obsolete, he has often boldly blogged on otherwise sensitive subjects, including the plight of Gaza at the hands of Israel-Palestine conflict,[13] and the unsustainable transport system promoted by the authorities in Pakistan.[14] On 14 August 2015, Ali also posted a brave blog titled "I will not celebrate Independence Day"[15] alluding at the discrepancies in Pakistan's current conditions that is a testimony to its self-enslavement.


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