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Allen Henson (born 1984) is an American photographer, dubbed "A Young Steven Meisel,"[1] and "The Bad Boy Photographer of New York."[2] To date Henson has authored three published books, Two of which are with Anna-Lisa Wagner: Editorial on The Run, Editorial on The Rocks[3] and Paraphalia.[4][5]Henson was enlisted in the US Army 22nd Infantry Regiment and served in Iraq.[6] Henson’s work has been published in Playboy, Vogue, Juxtapoz, Z!NK Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Kurv Magazine, The Fashionisto, Bambi Magazine, America's Next Top Model, Papercut Magazine, Nu-Mode, Runway Magazine, L'Allures des Mots, Black & Grey.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14]

Henson carried out nude photo shoots at public locations in New York.[15][16] He was the center of international media coverage for his photo shoot on the Empire State Building with topless models.[17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24] Henson later received additional coverage when he used his supreme court hearing for an additional photoshoot with five models wearing nothing but underwear, stockings and heels.[25] Allen Henson responded to the Empire State Building with a countersuit of $5 Million.[26] Similarly, Henson has used Grand Central Station and The Flat Iron Building as backdrops for his photography.[27] [28][29][30][31] [32][33]


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