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Template:Infobox video game Alltynex is a Vertically Scrolling Shooter released for the FM Towns in 1997 and was developed by Satoshi Yoshida. It is referred to as Project Raid Wind 2, after their first game Raid Wind. Alltynex was the second game created by Siter Skain and is the precursor to Alltynex 2nd. The game is interesting in that the fighter can change into a mecha which has more powerful weapons but is generally slower.


Supercomputer Alltynex goes berserk and wants to destroy everyone.


The fighter is armed with two modes, each with two weapons. In the standard fighter, there is an upgradeable spread shot and the secondary weapon is a slow but good tracking homing laser. The alternate mode is a mech which has a very powerful but short range sword capable of destroying some enemy bullets. The secondary weapon is a big laser that does heavy damage.

The secondary weapons use an energy meter that drains as the weapon is fired. It charges as more things are destroyed or damaged.

If the ship gets hit and has main weapon powerups, then it will not be destroyed but will be at the weakest level.

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