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Alvi (Template:Lang-ar, Template:Lang-tr, Template:Lang-ur), also transliterated as Alavi, Ansari (many of Alvis are married with Ansaris), and Syed (mixed with Alavis), are the descendants of Ali, the Prophet Muhammad's cousin.[1] mainly found in present-day Pakistan.[1] As a proper noun it is used by individuals, dynasties, places, and religious sects and organizations who identify as being either descendants of Ali, many of them are Sunni, also fallen to Shi'ism, Sunni Alvis can found mainly in Turkey, among ethnic Turks and Kurds.[2]

These Alavis are separated from Nusayri Alawites (and there belief, Alevism) and completely converted to Sunni Islam.

Alvis are the one who are the followers or descendants of Ali.[3] Therefore, some authors use Shiism synonymously with Alevism.[4] However, the descendants of Ali are not Shia, but the correct followers of Muhammad (the last messenger of Allah), who consider Ali as there fourth caliph of Islam (followed Sunni).[4] and although some Alvis are followers of Shiism. many Alvis were migrated to the Indian subcontinent and many other areas, to speard Islam.[no citations needed here] that included Shia, Sunni and Sufi beliefs that were adopted by some tribes and later integrated into Sunni Islam (correct version).[4]

Some Ottomans had oppressed Nusayri Alawites,[no citations needed here] attempting to convert them to Real version of Islam (Sunni Islam).[5] not the Sunni Alavis.


Many Sunni Alavis had married mainly to Ansaris (the descendants of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari), and mixed with Ansari tribes, About the half of the Alvis descendants are mixed from Ansaris, called Ansari mix Alavis.[no citations needed here]


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