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Amaury Guichon
File:Amaury Guichon.png
Amaury Guichon creating a pastry flower during a session of his Masterclass in Russia.
Born March 15, 1991
Cannes, France
Nationality French, Swiss

French BTM in Avdanced Pastry, 2012 Swiss CFC in Pastry, 2009

French BEP in Culinary Arts, 2007
Occupation Pastry Chef, Pastry Artist
Years active 2009 - Present
Known for Innovative pastry crafting techniques, "Behind-The Scenes"/"How-To" videos, Chocolate & Sugar Showpieces

2013 - French National TV Contest ‘Qui Sera le Prochain Grand Pâtissier ? ’ - 3rd place 2012 - Fench Regional Contest ‘Délices de la Méditerranée’ (Y. Thuriès), Nice, «Menton Lemon» theme - 1st place

2010 - French National Contest ‘Meilleurs Apprentis de France’ - Gold medal

Amaury Guichon (born Template:Birth date) is a French and Swiss pastry chef and artist. As of May 2017, he is the second most followed pastry personality in the world on social media.

Early life

Amaury grew up in the Haute-Savoie region of France, neighboring the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Proving very creative and manual from an early age, he showed little interest for the classic school curriculum, which he left at 14 for vocational school.

Career beginnings

After two years studying cooking in Thonon-les-Bains, France, Amaury felt attracted by pastry and went on for a two-year apprenticeship in Geneva, Switzerland. During this time he won a number of local showpiece contests, which, along with several internships, helped him earn the recommendation of seasoned chefs.

Amaury went on to deepen his knowledge of pastry at the prestigious Maison Lenôtre in Paris, France; he followed another two-year curriculum, this time in Advanced Pastry Skills. In 2010, he was named one of the best apprentices in the Paris region by the MOF organization, not being allowed to run for the national distinction.

French career (2012-2013)

After Amaury earned his Advanced Pastry Skills diploma, he worked for Lenôtre on the French Riviera for a year, where he handled the roles of deputy boutique manager, apprentice instructor and teacher at the Lenôtre School of Cannes (amateur section). In 2012 he won the Regional Contest ‘Délices de la Méditerranée’ organized by famous French Chef Yves Thuriès, the first competition in which he was opposed to seasoned professionals. Amaury developed there a special technique to blow sugar lemons, similar to the one glass blowers use.

Amaury then moved back to Paris to handle his first role as boutique manager and head of product R&D at Hugo & Victor.

In 2013 he qualified for participation to a nation-wide TV reality show contest called “Qui Sera le Prochain Grand Pâtissier?[6] (Who will be the next great pastry chef?), which concept was to have talented young pastry professionals compete against each other under the mentorship of famous pastry chefs Christophe Michalak, Christophe Adam, Pierre Marcolini and Philippe Urraca. Amaury took 3rd place in the contest, which aired on national channel France 2 during the month of July 2013.

Las Vegas Career (2013-2017)

After his performance at French TV Amaury was offered the opportunity to join the ranks of Jean-Philippe Patisserie, a high-end pastry company with boutiques at the Bellagio and Aria hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He accepted and took the role of Chef de Partie Product Finishing & Product R&D, which he handled for a little less than four years.

At Jean-Philippe’s, Amaury contributed in renewing the whole pastry offering and worked on numerous showpieces. It is in 2016 that Amaury decided to start publishing his creations on social media, notably in the form of “how to”/”behind the scenes” videos posted to Facebook and Instragram, which proved very popular, a number of them gathering several tens of millions of views[7][8][9][10][11]. In this context, Amaury pioneered new pastry-crafting techniques such as water-plunging based gold sheeting[12] and driller-power horizontal rotation.

International Career (2016-present)

Following the success of his first videos, Amaury was invited to teach classes to professionals by schools all over the world. He set up a series of Masterclass and to date, has taught in Russia, Mexico and Ukraine. Later in 2017 he is scheduled to go to Thailand, Italy, Malaysia and France.

Philosophy and personal life

Amaury is intuitive and is guided in his creations by his various inspirations, his sense of aesthetics and the love of quality execution.

Outside of work he lives a quiet life during which he enjoys cooking at home and working out.


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