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Anadel are a California based band notable for their work with game developers Telltale Games on projects such as The Walking Dead,[1] The Wolf Among Us,[2] and Minecraft: Story Mode.[3] In addition, they have released two albums - "Flying South" (2011) and "Well and the Wild" (2015), as well as an EP titled "Walls" (2012).

Early Years

Lyricist and guitarist JT Bailey began composing his own music whilst he was a teenager, and was soon joined in by his siblings Keri Bailey; violin and backup vocals, and Steven Bailey; pianist. In 2010, the three turned to close friends Andrew Arcadi; guitarist, Robert Witcher; percussionist, and Ben Guerrieri; bassist, to form a six-person band.[4]

In 2011, they released their first album "Flying South", and became locally renown within Napa Valley, CA for their unique multi-genre music. In September 2012, the band announced that their new EP "Walls" was in recording, and also that Robert Witcher would be leaving the band once the EP was complete to pursue a new job in Los Angeles.[5] The EP was released later that year.

Ben Guerrieri also went on to leave the band, whilst two new members arrived in the form of Asa Slinker; percussionist, and Matthew Coello; bassist.

The band produced a single called "Lights (Many Voices)" in 2013.

Telltale Games

On October 29, 2013, Anadel announced that they had collaborated with Telltale Games to produce music in the release trailer for Telltale's The Walking Dead; a point and click choice based game. The song that was featured in multiple trailers and the Episode 1 credits for the game was "In The Water", which was previously in their EP, but now remastered for the game. Anadel's song "Remember Me"; taken from their album "Flying South", also appeared in the credits of Episode 3.[6][7] This brought the band online recognition and ultimately led to their popularity rising.

The success of Anadel and Telltale's collaboration led to the band also creating music for a wide range of Telltale's other titles. In 2015, Anadel along with several other Napa-based musicians formed a collaborative music project called "Welles", which sets out with the goal to create "powerful and original music." Within this group, Anadel created music for Minecraft: Story Mode.[8]

Well and the Wild

Aside from their collaborative works, Anadel remained a separate band creating their own projects. In January 2015, the band produced their second album "Well and the Wild", which saw their multi-genre style reappear. The album was published by Darms Lane Music, and saw the return of their single "Lights" in a remastered form. The album was critically praised for its atmospheric folk sound, whilst the band still remained reasonably underexposed in the music industry, being more known on a local scale rather than a global one.[9]

In April 2015, the band released a single on YouTube titled "Oslo", although it did not appear across any purchasable platform.[10]


Having acquired a more notable status, Anadel began to perform at larger venues and festivals. Between May 27-29th, they performed as a supporting band at BottleRock Napa Valley.[11]

However, prior to this performance, Anadel announced that two of the founding members; Keri and Steven Bailey, would be leaving the band to pursue their own goals in music and film. BottleRock would be their last performance as a six-person band.[12]

The band have given multiple implications that they are working on a new album,[13] and JT Bailey released a solo acoustic version of a new song called "Last."[14]


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