Anarchist People of Color

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Template:Outdated Template:Anarchism sidebar Anarchist People of Color is an American anarchist/anti-authoritarian group created to address issues of race, anti-authoritarianism and people of color struggle politics within the context of anarchism, and to increase/create political (safe) space for people of color.

Initially started as an e-mail list and website by Ernesto Aguilar, APOC is inspired and influenced by such historical anarchists of color as Lucy Parsons, Lorenzo Kom'boa Ervin, Ricardo Flores Magón, Práxedis Guerrero, Martin Sostre, and Luisa Capetillo.

APOC is not a centrally organized group, but a loosely organized network of individuals, collectives and cells. APOC has also been known to use tactics/strategies that they call "APOC Blocs" and tend to be direct action oriented.[no citations needed here]

APOC held its first national conference on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 2003.[no citations needed here]

In Spring 2007, the APOC website went offline. A new site, Illvox, appeared in July 2007 as a mirror of previous APOC site content, and to continue posting of articles.

The APOC publishes and maintains an online journal, People of Color Organize!, which is dedicated to supporting the activism, theories and perspectives of people of color and revolutionary social movements.


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