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Andrew Wilson
Born Andrew Chen
(2006-04-04) April 4, 2006 (age 15)
Hainan, China
Nationality Chinese, British
Other names 陈鸿杰
(Chinese; pinyin: Chén Hóngjié
Occupation Animator, comic creator, director, writer
Years active 2013-present
Known for Creator, writer, animator and director of Clyde and Willis (animated series)
Notable work(s) Clyde and Willis (animated series)

Andrew Bernie Hendrich Wilson (born Andrew Chen Hong-jie, April 4, 2006) is a young Chinese-born British CGI animator, comic creator, animation director and a cartoon writer. He is commonly known for being the creator, animation director and the writer of the 2017 show, The Clyde and Willis Show.

Wilson is also commonly known for founding the animation company on June 13, 2015 called, Artwork Productions, formerly called "Firenze Artwork Studios" until February 7, 2016. The animation company has made 11 cartoons, 1 released, 10 unreleased and still in production. The one that was released the first was The Clyde and Willis Show that was released in January 31, 2017.

He has a YouTube channel called AndrewToons, his old channel, AndrewFurious was deleted.


Early career

It first started in February 21, 2013, two months and 17 days ago before his birthday. Wilson was drawing humans in his school's drawing class at 11:50 a.m. After a while, he was thinking that what if he made comics with the two humans he drew. He thought it would be a great idea. So, he drew his first comic on February 25, 2013, after 4 days.

Andrew said:

My art teacher told us to draw everything, just don't disturb her, whatever we wanted. All of my classmates cheered for happiness and draw everything. One of my friends drew boats and cars, while I draw two stupid human beings. After a while, I thought of creating a comic about the two humans I drew on the paper, my brain was like "YES! It would be a great idea" so I first drew my unpublished comic named "Two Best Frenemies", its formerly known as "Two Best Foes". Its about the two friends named Donny and Jordan. They go on wacky adventures.

I finished making the comic book on January 25, 2014. After reading the whole comic, I think it would also be a great idea if I make a CGI animated series with CGI animating programs based of the comic I made. So I started making the pilot of the animated series based on the comicI made, named Clyde and Willis. I decided to changed their names from the comic. I released the pilot of the show on May 15, 2015 on my deleted YouTube channel, that was named and created in March 4, 2013, AndrewFurious. The first episode was in production from July 2, 2016, it was called 'Food Fight".

Making of Clyde and Willis

The making of Clyde and Willis was inspired by a lot of cartoons Andrew watched as a toddler and a kid, the cartoon that inspired him the most was The Ren & Stimpy Show. His comic and his animated series is based on Ren and Stimpy as humans. Clyde is Ren Hoek, and Willis is Stimpson J. Cat. Both of them go on wacky adventures in each episodes of each seasons.

The animated series was also inspired by Beavis and Butthead and CatDog, two of the shows were inspiration for the animated series. Clyde is also a mixed up version of the two idiots, Beavis and Butthead. Willis is CatDog mashed up together.

Video games

Game title Initial Release Production company
Flag Capture Game December 13, 2016 Roblox Studio
Race, Race, Revolution February 5, 2017 Roblox Studio
Clyde and Willis: Adventure May 21, 2019 Roblox Studio

Andrew also makes a few games with ROBLOX Studios.

Clyde and Willis: Adventure

On the summer of 2019, there is going to be a video game based on the original British animated series released on Roblox, because the game is made by some of the friends of Andrew that are workers on Roblox Studio.

The game lets you choose your own role-playing character, or you can choose Clyde or Willis. And you can drive, ride a plane or explore the neighbour-hood and the other countries, towns and cities that are featured in the animated series. You can also role-play with people you met.

Movie Filmography

Rank Title Initial Release
#1 The Clyde and Willis Movie: Time Travel March 12, 2021
#2 The ROBLOX Movie August 23, 2023
#3 The Clyde and Willis Movie 2 TBA
#4 The Clyde and Willis Movie 3 TBA

On 2017, the crew of Artwork Productions planned to release a movie based on the animated series but with time travelling stories called: The Clyde and Willis Movie: Time Travel. The crew of Artwork Productions also planned to make a movie called, The ROBLOX Movie based on the kid friendly game, Roblox, and it will be released on August 23, 2021.

TV Filmography

Year Title Role Further details Notes
2004 - 2016 Eddsworld Executive producer Internet animation series The show is going on in comic form
2009 - present asdfmovie Executive producer Internet animation series A comedy series made by TomSka
2010 - 2015 Dick Figures Executive producer, storyboard artist Internet animation series Created by Ed Skudder.
2017 - present The Clyde and Willis Show Creator, director, writer, animator TV Series, Internet animated series The pilot of the series was rejected by Nick
2017 - present The Infamous Hoody Storyboard artist Internet animated series Created by Stephen Anderson
2018 - present CandyPopz Producer, writer, storyboard artist Internet animated series Created by Andrew's friend, Dan Redwood

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